This is a tale told by User:Opigee. Enjoy...

I was 9 years old. It was 1987. I loved video games. I asked my mom if we could go to an arcade. She agreed and asked her friends if they knew and good arcades. About 2 hours later we went to Freddy Fazbear' s Pizzareia. I loved that place. But I soon didn't. I went over to the stage where Freddy Fazbear and his friends Chica the Chicken and Bonnie the Bunny were performing some song about eating vegetables and to have sweets every now ans then. Stuff 5 year olds heard in school. I climbed on stage. My mom did not notice me. She was talking to the other moms near the games. I looked close up at the animatronics. An employee went up to me and said to get off the stage but I refused. He must have been lazy, because he told me that I could do anything on stage but at all costs, to not touch Freddy. Then he walked into the ball pit area to clean up other kid's vomit. I danced and ran on the stage. I then accidentally touched Freddy. The place then announced that a fire started in the kitchen due to a pizza burning, but I did not get out in time. Freddy grabbed me and backed up into the back stage. "Hey little fella!" He said. "You're not f-f-(free me) following the rules! (No escape)" Someone came back in. The manager and my mom came in. The manager ran to the power and shut down the electricity, forcing Freddy to free me. I ran out. About 3 months later, 4 kids went missing at Freddy's. I never went there again. Many bad things had begun. A day later, I was walking with my mom to the store. We passed Freddy's. I joked around with my mom to see if something went on. Surely not another thing could happen. But, to our shock. We saw a kid near Pirate Cove, on the floor with a part of his head gone. We also saw Foxy, with blood on his teeth, being deactivated, with a frontal lobe near his jaw. And then we ran to the store. And never went near Freddy's again.