Another story by Opigee... en​​joy

The year was 1987. Freddy Fazbear's had re-opened. I decided to go. I was 12, so they animatronic shows were kinda dumb. The Balloon Boy was stupid, Kid Cove was only for little kids, but one area I liked. The Puppet's area. He gave the prizes, nothing else. His area, was not quiet, because it had a faint Music Box in the background the always calmed me down. The only downside was that the Puppet was creepy. He had an odd smiling face and never said a word. He only laughed when he gave kids prizes. But back to what I was saying. It was a great place, and had delicious pizza and fun games. But sadly, one time, I accidentally got locked in the pizzareia. I walked around, trying to find a spare key or something to break the door with. I found a room labeled "Parts and Services". I knew old animatronic pieces were in there. They might break a door. I opened it. It was dark. Luckily, I had a flashlight with me. I turned it on. I found a loose arm on an old Bonnie the Bunny model and ripped it right off. I had trouble walking back to the exit. I stumbled into the Puppet's area. The music box was playing. I found a key. I threw the arm behind me, knowing the key would be easier to use. The arm fell on the music box. It stopped playing. The Puppet then rose out of his box. He said "Let's play!" And ran after me. I was quicker, but just a bit. I quickly unlocked the door, got outside, and locked it back up again. I ran home, crying. I got back home, haunted, by the nightmare that forever stay in my mind. The memory.

   Of the Puppet.