Amy the Axolotl is an animatronic axolotl. She serves pizza to kids and teaches kids about severe blindness.


Amy the Axolotl is a pink axolotl who wears a red bow on her head in front of her gills on her head. She also wears black blind people glasses since she can't see. Because of this, no one knows what her eyes look like. Her tail and head gills are a darker pink, and in her hand is a white cane for blind people to navigate. Amy is also missing one of her toes. Her head gills and tail can move up and down.


Amy will start in the Dining Area. Because she's blind, she always goes to random places. Sometimes, she will get to the office instantly. If you sit still and not move at all when she enters the office, she won't think you're there and will leave the office. If you move once, she will disappear for a second. She will appear out of nowhere and jumpscare you like Freddy does from Five Nights at Freddy's when he enters the office. Like Foxy, Amy moves when you watch her because she doesn't know that you're watching her with the cameras.


  • Ivan the Iguana: Ivan seems nice enough to Amy. If Larry isn't around, Ivan can substitute as Amy's navigator.
  • Daca: Both are blind, and Daca seems nice enough for Amy to trust.



  • Amy is the first blind animatronic, and the first axolotl animatronic.
  • Like Risa the Raccoon and Snaily, Amy is in love with Larry the Lizard.
  • In most games, Amy has all of her toes. This may be a design error, or on purpose.
    • Along with this, in many games, she's missing a set of gills or her gills are different colors than the normal gill color (light pink). These may also be errors.