This is a short show where the animatronics ask Gamer Guy questions


Question 1

  • Elijah: What is your favorite Color
  • Gamer: Green

Question 2

  • Wolfy: What happened to your right eye
  • Gamer: I don't think you want to know

Question 3

  • Kitty: What are your plans for Mike Schmidt?
  • Gamer: THAT GUY!!! I plan to stuff him inside a spare costume

Question 4

  • Amine: What is the inspiration of your character.
  • Gamer: My character originally comes from a minecraft avatar created by User:Theminecraftkid1221

Question 5

  • Freddy: What do you see in Wolfy
  • Gamer: Uhh..... Wha...... NO COMMENT

Question 6

  • Gamer: YES I DO

Question 7

  • Elijah: How do you feel about my love interest Dad?
  • Gamer: Shes a good woman. Do right by her son.

Question 8

  • Balloon Boy: Want a balloon?
  • Gamer Guy: No not right now

Question 9

  • ???: I heard rumors of me becoming an actual animatronic with a good suit... Do you think it is true?
  • Gamer Guy: I think so. I saw the manager making measurements for a new suit

Question 10

  • Fairy: D-Do you like fairy tales?
  • Gamer Guy: Not Particularly

Question 11

  • Amy: JAKAKSMDOAOKAJSIDADEJKDOSLDWUWHQHSNDMCOW! (Who is the love of your life, whoever I'm talking to?)
  • Gamer Guy: Wolfy of Course!!!

Question 12

  • Brandon: Balloon Bro told me he has a crush on Freeta. Should he ask her out? He's nervous.
  • Gamer Guy: Tell him to admit his feelings slowly then maybe she'l go out with him (Note: IM NOT A LOVE EXPERT)

Question 13

  • Toy Spam: I'm going to rip off your face now. Was that even a question?
  • Gamer Guy: Just between you and me, BWAAAAAAAAAA *runs away*

Question 14

  • Toy Ricky: I heard somewhere that green is not a creative colour, what are your thoughts on this matter?
  • Gamer Guy: WRONG!!!

Question 15

  • Elijah: Can I buy a piano Dad?
  • Gamer Guy: Sure

Question 16

  • Spam: I totally don't look familiar at all. I also don't have anything that might belong to a deceased family member. Got any, grapes?
  • Gamer Guy: All I gotta say right now is....... DURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!! (also I know you have my wife's mask. If you don't wanna die you best give it back.)

Question 17

  • Gamer Guy: Umm.... O... Kay?.???

Question 18

  • John Schmo: *both doors closed, wearing Freddy Mask* You can't get me. YOU'RE out there and I'M in here.
  • Gamer Guy: I don't really care. Ill just steal your mask after bashing the doors

Question 19

  • Risa the Raccoon: As a response to your question, I think that you are one of the most interesting animatronics and you are one of my personal favorites. (That wasn't even a question!)
  • Gamer Guy: Thanks very muches!!! :D

Question 20

  • Mittens: what do you think of me hitting on your son :3
  • Gamer Guy: He might not like that because he's seeing Amna
  • Mittens: I dontt care....
  • Dillain: YOU WHAT NOW?!

Question 21

  • Lindsay: You're not gonna stuff me in a suit, right? By the way, your son is adorable. Can I have him?
  • Gamer Guy: That is none of my concern, and I would never stuff you in a suit, mostly because I know you would just tear me up if I tried.
  • Lindsay: What are you talking about? Im just an innocent girl.....with weapons. on the whole son thing?
  • Gamer Guy: you can try, but you probably won't succeed

Question 22

  • Dillain: Hey there mate! What's your favorite food?

Question 23

  • Radio-boom-box-thing with a logo of a phoenix with a crown and a scepter (Anonymous voice): We have your son. Failure to obey such commands will result in fatality or damage of captive. Will you obey our commands? 
  • Gamer Guy: *in a demonic voice* listen here; LET MY SON GO OR I WILL KILL ALL OF YOU AND TURN ALL YOUR SONS INTO OMELETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *static follows*
  • Radio: I'll take that as a rejection. *off-sounding* Maim the hostage.
  • Gamer Guy: *appears and attempts to harm everyone except for Elijah*
  • Endoman (the only one there, and the door is open): ISOLATE, AND DEVOUR.