Well, I've seen a lot of these pop up recently, so I've decided to hop on the bandwagon! Ask my first animatronic, Holly!

Holly: Ask what you want to, just no... gross things or bullying...


Question 1

Bungale: Which would you rather team up with? Foxy or Balloon Boy?

Holly: Erm, I don't know *shrugs* I guess Foxy?

Question 2

Risa: So, you're not exactly evil or good, a bit like me?

Holly: I guess so.

Question 3

Lindsay: Want some cake? I can add some guard blood if you want some!

Holly: Ok, but please no guard blood, thank you very much. Lindsay: You'd love it, but okay..*hands you a slice*

Holly: Ok! Thanks. *takes the slice*

Question 4

Firefly: Hi....Holly....wanna hang out...sometime?....I get lonely...

Holly: Yea. I can hang out with you!

Firefly: Sweet! We can light stuff on fire! *flamethrower burns*

question 5

Ivan: Ive got a book that you might like. *hands book* Hope you like dragon fantasies.

Holly: Thanks! *startd reading*

Question 6

Golden Toy Foxy: Do you know how kill puppets? Puppet is a butt, and i need to get rid of him!

Spam: *whistling*

Holly: Umm, I don't know! I'm not malevolent, so I don't know how.

GTF: Darn! I kill him with spare parts and Raid bug-spray if i have to! YARRR!!

Puppet: Please, no!!!!! *dies*

Question 7

Springfield: What's with your dual personality? Not being mean or anything.

Holly: It's probably something called Dissociative Identity Disorder....