Bungale is an animatronic that supports others in the games. He does this by disabling cameras.


Bungale begins in Kid's Cove, then he heads to the Main Hall before he makes his way to the Left Air Vent before attacking the player. Along the way, if the player does not use his flashlight, he will de-activate cameras he passes by biting the main power cable off.

Custom Night

In the Custom Night, Bungale is as active as Toy Bonnie in every way, except for his special camera de-activation with set limits.

  • On levels 0-5, he can only de-activate one.
  • 6-11, he de-activates 2.
  • 12-16, he de-activates 3.
  • And the maximum on 17-20, he de-activates 6.


Bungale is a cat with a bungee cord instead of a tail, and torn-up ears. His entire body is purple-ish green, and his kill animation is where he snaps his tail and bites your face off.


It was a day, a very dark day. His bungee cord broke, and someone offered to fix it in the backroom. Bungale accepted and followed. Soon after that person fixed him, the same person killed him. And that person was not seen from that day onwards.

Other appearances

He appears in not many other games, such as Freddy Fortress. But in other games he appears in, he is broken slightly with every appearance.