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Five Nights at Freddy's: Factory Shift is the eighth entry in the Five Nights at Freddy's series (not counting FNaF World, FNaF World 2 and TNwTatG) and a return to the 'norm', featuring the Freddy Fazbear originals once again along with some new characters in the mix too.


Steam Summary

Join us. We still have to find him.

Your company has tasked you to stay five nights at an abandoned factory, used to be home to creating some of children's grandest memories and figures, for the original Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria! But, there's a lot to fear in the dark.

I will fulfill that promise.

Actual Game

The game takes place in an abandoned Factory called "Fazbear Factory", where it's your task to make sure all the animatronics are in check. However, the animatronics are restless and attempt to kill you in the night. After Night 5, Discarded Fredbear walked around the factory before being encountered by an unknown figure (with purple text) who asks for help. Discarded Fredbear accepts.

After every night, you unlock a new datalog. These datalogs tell a story of a Freddy Fazbear's of 1985, and the animatronics that worked at this Pizzeria were scrapped and moved to the Fazbear Factory. The only exception to this is JJ, who's origin is unknown.


Fazbear Factory - Home to your favourite animatronics!
Hazardous Area Hazardous Area
Hazardous Area Hazardous Area
Exit 1 Exit 1 Boxing Area Boxing Area Boxing Area Animatronic Storage Animatronic Storage
Boxing Area Boxing Area Boxing Area Animatronic Storage Animatronic Storage
West Hall East Hall
West Hall The Office East Hall
West Hall Security Closet East Hall
West Hall East Hall
Supplies Central Hall Central Hall Central Hall Exit 2 Exit 2
Parts & Props


  • Boxing Area - CAM 01
  • Animatronic Storage - CAM 02
  • Hazardous Area - CAM 03
  • West Hall - CAM 04
  • East Hall - CAM 05
  • Central Hall - CAM 06
  • Supplies - CAM 07
  • Parts & Props - CAM 08
  • Exit 1 - CAM 09
  • Exit 2 - CAM 0A


Conveyer Belts

In some cameras (CAM 01, CAM 03, CAM 06 and CAM 08), there are conveyor belts that can be activated to create noise and lure certain animatronics. These animatronics include:

  • Discarded Bonnie
  • Discarded Chica
  • Trickster Pig
  • JJ

You can only run one conveyor belt at a time.


You're equipped with a taser (use CTRL to use). This can be used to stun animatronics, temporarily turning out the lights, and make them go back to their starting positions. You only get a small window to do this once they enter your room. It only works on:

  • Discarded Freddy (3 seconds to react)
  • Discarded Foxy (1 second)
  • Discarded Fredbear (2 seconds)
  • Sharp the Wolf (3 seconds)
  • JJ

Using the taser deactivates the conveyor belts currently running, which you'll have to activate again. On any time where Fredbear is active, your taser succumbs to old age and starts to jam. You must tase twice to get it working again for another 10 tases.


Name Appearance A.I.
Discarded Freddy Freddy Fazbear, a brown bear animatronic with light patches on his stomach, snout and inner ear. Has a black tophat that's scratched and missing a chunk. His suit is ripped and several wires and parts of endoskeleton are sticking out. One of his eyes are hanging out by a wire. Half of his jaw is gone. Discarded Freddy finally makes his appearance by Night 4. He's a jack of all trades, starting in the Animatronic Storage and able to go nearly everywhere, except the Exits, Supplies and Parts & Props. If tased, he'll go to the Central Hall or Boxing Area. Conveyor belts won't ward him off.
Discarded Bonnie Bonnie, a blue rabbit animatronic with light patches on his stomach, snout and inner ear. Filled with tears and rips. The suit of his feet and left hand are missing, and his right ear is loose, hanging. Visible cracks are on his eyes and teeth.

Discarded Bonnie starts his attack as early as Night 1. He starts in Animatronic Storage, before moving through Boxing Area (> Exit 1) > West Hall > The Office. If he gets in The Office, he'll instantly jumpscare you. You must keep playing the conveyors in order to get him away.

Discarded Chica Chica, a yellow chicken animatronic with a bib reading Let's Eat! Her lower legs are a plastic orange, but now this colour is faded and cracked. Her fur is ragged and unclean, and she has a crooked beak with sharp teeth. Her eyelashes are bent and half of her head is gone revealing her endoskeleton. Discarded Chica will attack, starting at Night 1. She starts in the Animatronic Storage, and goes to Boxing Area > East Hall. She usually will stall herself in Central Hall and Exit 2, but eventually she'll attack in The Office. You need to lure her away with Conveyors.
Discarded Foxy Foxy, a red pirate fox animatronic with brown pants and a pirate hook. He has ridiculous sharp teeth and his eyes are black with white pupils. His eyepatch is hanging on the side of his head. His snout is bent upwards, revealing his second pair of teeth. His left arm is malformed and anatomically incorrectly bent. His lower endoskeleton legs are visible. Discarded Foxy will become active by Night 2. He starts in the Hazardous Area, before slowly getting up and dashing all the way into the West Hall. You must tase him before he jumpscares you, causing him to go back to his starting area. You don't have to check the cameras for him really.
Sharp the Wolf Sharp, a grey wolf animatronic with a wooden sword sewn to his left hand. He also has sharp teeth and one of his eyes is missing, the other is green. His jaw is missing, revealing his endoskeleton one which also has sharp teeth. His legs are skinny and allow him to run fast. Sharp will become active by Night 3. He starts in the Hazardous Area and will slowly approach the Boxing Area. Then he'll quickly dive through the East Hall and into your Office, where you'll have to tase him back into the Hazardous Area.
Trickster Pig Trick, a pink pig animatronic with blue pants. She has smoother teeth that are jagged and cracked by age. Her fur is very messy and her left arm is entirely missing. She has blue eyes. Trick will become active by Night 2. She starts in the Parts & Props, but will slowly go through the Central Hall, into Supplies and then the West Hall. She'll need to be warded away by conveyors.
JJ JJ is exactly how she appears in FNaF2. Additionally, she's the only animatronic to not appear in Custom Night, and cannot be customised or set to appear. However, when Fredbear is active, she's also active. This includes Night 5 and 6. JJ will become active by Night 3. She starts in the Supplies room, where she'll walk out into the Central Hall > East Hall. If she gets into the Office, you'll have to tase her enough times to make her go away or else you won't be able to tase other animatronics. She can also be warded away by conveyor belts.
Discarded Fredbear Fredbear, a golden bear animatronic with dark brown patches on his stomach, snout and inner ear. His bowtie and hat are dark purple, and his left ear is missing replaced with wires. His eyes are missing, replaced with bright white pupils. The suit on his right lower arm and right hand is missing. Fredbear will be one of the only animatronics active on Night 5. Starting in either Exit 1 or Exit 2, he's one of the fastest moving animatronics and can literally go anywhere. You must quickly tase him if he gets in your Office.



Tutorial is technically the first night of the game. It's mostly a tutorial as no animatronics will attack you this night, with a phone call.

"If you're a member of staff at Fazbear's Factory listening, you've officially been placed as the nightswatch over this establishment. This is because we fear our animatronics might be under risk of damage or theft. You've been issued with a company camera, to watch over everything. And a taser, just incase anything pops out at you. You can activate the conveyer belts by the camera just incase you need to make some noise. Might distract and lure certain people. This'll be our only tape, thank you."

Nights 1-6

Night Animatronics Rewards
Night 1 Bonnie, Chica $100
Night 2 Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, Trick $100
Night 3 Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, Sharp, Trick, JJ $150
Night 4 Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, Sharp, Trick, JJ $150
Night 5 Fredbear, JJ $500 (first attempt)/$250 (next attempts) & first star
Night 6
  • Before 4AM - Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, Sharp, Trick
  • After 4AM - Fredbear, JJ
$500 & second star

Custom Night

Custom Night returns and you can customise all the animatronics' A.I.. However, Fredbear's A.I. instead gets customised by time of appearance. If set to 12AM, he'll be the only animatronic. If set to 6AM, he'll never appear at all.


Title Freddy Bonnie Chica Foxy Sharp Trick Fredbear Rewards
Freddy's Circus 2 20 5 0 10 5 5 4AM $100 and Freddy Plush
Hopping Mad 0 20 10 0 10 10 6AM $100 and Bonnie Plush
Farmland Mayhem 0 10 20 0 0 20 6AM $100 and Chica Plush
Foxy & Friends 0 0 0 20 20 20 4AM $100 and Foxy Plush
Going for Gold 0 0 0 0 0 0 12AM $100 and JJ Plush
4/20 20 20 20 20 0 0 5AM $200 and Cupcake
6/20 20 20 20 20 20 20 6AM $200 and Golden Cupcake
Golden Freddy 20 20 20 20 20 20 4AM $1000, Fredbear Plush and Third Star

Night Minigames

Every night ends with a minigame to play. It takes place in a pizzeria with Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, Sharp and Trick.

Night 1 starts with you walking around as Freddy during the day. You have to go to the kitchen and collect pizzas to place on the table for kids. If you take a detour to the 'Backstage', you'll find Golden Freddy laying there lifeless. Touching him will wield in the message: "He's been out of commission for days. I feel sorry for the old sod."

Night 2 starts with Chica walking about with her cupcake. She has to walk to kids and entertain them, turning their sad faces to happy faces. Going to the backstage now has the door shut, so you can't enter, but there's a sad kid infront of the door that you can't interact with. Making all the kids happy will end the minigame

Night 3 starts with Bonnie allowed to roam freely. Kids will now say certain phrases. Mostly resulting in "I really enjoy this show!" But one kid mentions "The Pirate's Cove is making rustling noises. Walking over to the newly unlocked Pirate's Cove shows Foxy, Sharp and Trick. Walking up to the twitching animatronics causes the game to glitch and end.

Night 4 starts with Foxy on Pirate's Cove. Sharp and Trick are gone. You're free to roam around, but there's nothing to see. The location seems more run down now. Soon, two men chase after you and catch you. You're left with a final screen of a minigame version of the Hazardous Area.

Night 5 starts with Golden Freddy in the factory, in the Exit 1. You can roam around, inspecting all the animatronics.

Freddy "Freddy was always my favourite. It aches to see him like this."
Bonnie "Bonnie always seemed odd to me. Those buck teeth, seem dangerous..."
Chica or JJ " comment."
Foxy "...I don't want to talk about it."
Sharp or Trick "This must be a new one, I don't remember this one."

Eventually Golden Freddy will leave through Exit 2. He's faced with a black screen before being confronted by two purple eyes. "B-brother... i-is that you..?" "..." "I-if it is... I just have to say... I'm sorry... but now I need your help..." "...don't worry. It's me."


See Five Nights at Freddy's: Factory Shift/Datalogs

Datalogs are unlockables slowly collected over time playing the nights. They detail the story of a Freddy Fazbear's of 1985.


The shop allows you to buy many stuff for your Office, or stuff for the Extras menu.

Item Description Price
Cast Poster #1 A poster of the Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria cast of 1993! $100
Cast Poster #2 A poster of the Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria cast of 1987! $100
Cast Poster #3 A poster of the Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria misfits of 1987! $100
Freddy Poster #1 A poster of Freddy Fazbear of 1993. $50
Freddy Poster #2 A poster of Toy Freddy of 1987. $50
Bonnie Poster #1 A poster of Bonnie of 1993. $50
Bonnie Poster #2 A poster of Toy Bonnie of 1987. $50
Chica Poster #1 A poster of Chica of 1993. $50
Chica Poster #2 A poster of Toy Chica of 1987. $50
Foxy Poster A poster of Foxy of 1993. $50
Mangle Poster A poster of Mangle of 1987. $50
Balloons! Poster A poster for advertising balloons with everyone's favourite, Balloon Boy! $75
Prizes! Poster A poster for advertising prizes with the Puppet! $75
Yellow Bear Poster A poster of a yellow bear of 1993. $100
Pan Stan's Pan Head A pan from the bargain bin. Who drew a face on this thing? $250
Head from the Freakshow Baby's head, which is very tattered with a crown. $250
BB Plush A plush/figurine of Balloon Boy. $500
Mangle Plush A plush of Mangle/Funtime Foxy. $500
Funtime Freddy Plush A plush of Funtime Freddy and Bon-bon! $750
Springtrap Plush A plush of Spring Bonnie! $750
Golden Freddy Plush A plush of Golden Freddy! $1000
Shadow Freddy Plush A plush of Shadow Freddy! $1000
Metal Freddy Plush A plush of Metal Freddy! $1000
Extras: Fixed Sharp Fixed Sharp for the Extras Menu. $500
Extras: Fixed Trick Fixed Trick for the Extras Menu. $500
Extras: Passive Animatronics A cheat to make animatronics more passive! $750
Extras: Aggressive Animatronics A challenge to make animatronics more aggressive! $750
Extras: Factory Map A cheat to give you a map of the factory and animatronics. $750
Extras: Lights Out A challenge that makes the Office dark and cameras temporarily dark. $750
Extras: Danger Indicator A cheat to give you a danger indicator when animatronics are near. $750
Extras: Silent Mode A challenge that makes animatronics silent. $750


The Extras menu returns in Factory Shift. It works identically to how it does in the previous three games with some additions.


Most of the animatronics only appear once beating the night they appear on. The only exception to this rule is Fixed Sharp and Trick, who have to be bought off the shop.

  • Discarded Freddy
  • Discarded Bonnie
  • Discarded Chica
  • Discarded Foxy
  • Sharp the Wolf
  • Fixed Sharp the Wolf (if bought)
  • Trickster Pig
  • Fixed Trickster Pig (if bought)
  • JJ
  • Discarded Fredbear


The same rules apply from Animatronics.

  • Discarded Freddy
  • Discarded Bonnie
  • Discarded Chica
  • Discarded Foxy
  • Sharp the Wolf
  • Trickster Pig
  • Discarded Fredbear


You're free to select all the Night Minigames from this menu.

Cheats & Challenges

There are several cheats and challenges, some that need to be bought.

  • Fast Nights
    • Makes nights faster.
  • Slow Nights
    • Makes nights slower.
  • Passive Animatronics (if bought)
    • Makes the animatronics less active.
  • Aggressive Animatronics (if bought)
    • Makes the animatronics more active.
  • Factory Map (if bought)
    • Grants a map of the factory.
  • Lights Out (if bought)
    • Turns the office pitch-black, giving no sight other than the cameras which are bright for a second before fading out.
  • Danger Indicator (if bought)
    • Gives you an indicator when an animatronic is near.
  • Silent Mode (if bought)
    • Makes animatronics silent.


  • This game was originally planned to be a part of the Fredbear Legacy series. It was decided against because we wanted to stick to a regular FNaF style.
  • JJ was a late addition, considered to be scrapped but then was added back in for balancing purposes.
  • Originally more animatronics were going to appear as Extras for a non-canon night. This was decided against but could be planned for DLC.
  • Metal Freddy was considered for this game but was decided against as this game isn't really a joke game.
    • However, he appears as a purchasable plushie.
  • Trickster Pig was based on the Pig mask from Five Nights at Freddy's 3 and Pigpatch from Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator.

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