Five Nights at Freddy's: Freddy's Revenge is a fan game idea by Silver Cyberlink. It takes place in 2013, and it is set inside the three-storey "Freddy and Friends Pizzeria and Store" complex. You play as security guard Bert Hennson, and there are new game mechanics. Seventeen, yes, seventeen animatronics have been confirmed so far (well, eighteen if you count Golden Freddy, but he's just an easter egg).


"Hello, my good friends, and welcome to Freddy and Friends Pizzeria and Store! Three stories of fun, excitement and enjoyment await you! Watch Freddy and his band, including Bonnie and Chica, perform all your favourite songs live, or have a bite at the restaurant. Try out your luck and skill at our arcade, or maybe play with friends in our exclusive new areas! We have a whole assortment of animatronic animals, which have been professionally been tested for safety! So, come on in, sit down, and enjoy the show!"

Bert Hennson is a middle-aged man who is looking for a job. He decides to work five nights as a security guard at Freddy and Friends, having fond memories of the company's previous place (Freddy Fazbear's Pizza). He arrives in the office, only to realize his big mistake. He gets over his regret later, knowing he is doing this for the safety of others.

Eventually, Hennson leaves after his fifth night and reports to Mr. Olesen that the restaurant wasn't safe. He decided to hire a mechanic again, because the first one never came, and to monitor the restaurant on the last day, Mr. Olesen chose an anonymous guard.



  • Freddy 3.0. A light brown animatronic bear with green eyes and a yellow bow tie. He wears a yellow top hat, and has rounded cheeks. He is pretty wide compared to the other animatronics, and he is taller than most of the animatronics, about the height of an average adult (170–180 cm, or 5 ft 8 in - 6 ft).
  • Bonnie 3.0. A turquoise bunny with brown eyes. He wears a purple bow tie, and he has a more squarish face than the others. He is medium width and height compared to the other animatronics, about 150 cm (5 ft) tall.
  • Chica 3.0. A pale yellow chicken with pink-purple eyes. She wears a white chef's apron with green and blue speckles around the edges. She is medium height and quite thin compared to the other animatronics. She is 145 cm (4 ft 10 in) tall.
  • Foxy 3.0. A bright red fox with yellow-orange eyes. He wears an eyepatch, a pirate hat and a torn waistcoat. His face is more sharper and edged than the other animatronics. His hook has been removed as a danger to children, and has been replaced by a second hand. Foxy 3.0 is tall and thin, ranking around 165 cm (5 ft 6 in) in height.
  • Aaron the Armadillo
  • Christian the Chameleon
  • Gary the Goat
  • Hazel the Hamster
  • Holly (owned by FoxStar241, third OC sign-up)
  • Melissa the Mouse
  • Mr. Handy (owned by PvzFanatic, fourth and final OC sign-up)
  • Peter the Porcupine
  • Pluto the Platypus (owned by RandomzSunfish23091, first OC sign-up)
  • Risa the Raccoon (owned by NeonAndKatty108, second OC sign-up)
  • Samuel the Skunk
  • Victor the Vole
  • The Shadow
  • Golden Freddy (easter egg)


  • Bert Hennson. A middle aged man who wants to earn some money, so he gets at job at Freddy and Friends. When the animatronics run wild, he begins to regret taking the job, but these feelings later go away.
  • Phone Guy. The mysterious caller who aided security guards Jeremy and Mike in previous establishments. Now, after barely escaping almost certain death being shoved into a suit, twenty years later, he decides to help another security guard, Bert. He dies once and for all during the Night 5 call.
  • Mr. Olesen (pronounced Oh-ley-sen). The owner of the restaurant. He is arrested and fined a large sum at the end of the game, and he ends up shutting down the Freddy and Friends chain, deeming the Freddy character "an unlucky charm", and later vanishing.


First Floor

Lobby (CAM 01)

This is where Freddy 3.0 starts. A wide and spacious room made primarily of marble, this lobby features a wooden reception desk, and orange armchairs lined up against the far wall. The lobby is decorated with children's drawings, potted plants and antique vases with ornate details.

Animatronics: Freddy 3.0

Main Hall (CAM 02)

A long marble hall plastered with drawings and posters of the animatronic characters. Wooden shelves are placed in the corners, filled with various paraphernalia for the pizzeria. A children's guestbook also sits on a table here, next to a Freddy plush toy.

Animatronics: Freddy 3.0

Dining Hall (CAM 03)

This is where Mr. Handy starts. A wide area lined with tables covered in plates, each one dotted with pizza. A large banner reading "Let's Eat!" can be seen hanging from the ceiling. A hatch to the side leads to the kitchen, and a waiter's trolley can be seen near the entrance there.

Animatronics: Freddy 3.0, Chica 3.0, Mr. Handy

Kitchen (CAM 04)

This is where Chica 3.0 starts. A room lined with a stove, an oven, a shelf with various cooking utensils, and an area for pizza toppings. The floor here is tiled and a small food spill can be seen upon careful inspection. A poster of Chica 3.0 can be seen here.

Animatronics: Chica 3.0

Pirate Cove (CAM 05)

This is where Foxy 3.0 starts. A new and improved play area in the style of a pirate ship. A wooden mast and deck can be seen, as well as a treasure chest. Foxy himself is seen beside the wheel of the ship, staring up into the camera.

Animatronics: Foxy 3.0

North Hall (CAM 06)

A very narrow hallway with a tiled floor, connecting the Dining Area and the Party Room and Show Stage. A few torn posters can be seen on the wall, as well as a map of the building. A dark green door is built into one of the walls.

Animatronics: Freddy 3.0, Bonnie 3.0, Chica 3.0

Parts and Service (CAM 07)

A storage room filled with spare mascot suits, animatronic parts, and a bare endoskeleton or two. The room itself is built out of grey stone, and the walls are made of ceramic white tiles. Mold grows near the ceiling, and some cracks can be seen worming through the material.

Animatronics: Foxy 3.0

Show Stage (CAM 08)

This is where Bonnie 3.0 starts. A high-tech stage with a glass floor, a large plasma TV screen for the visuals, strobe lights of multiple colours and even laser beams for the really special effects. Various chairs for the crowd can be seen scattered across the room below.

Animatronics: Bonnie 3.0

Party Room (CAM 09)

The primary party room is lined with tables covered in various "party" foods, such as pizza, cola, chips, cupcakes and stuff like that. A huge banner reading "Happy Birthday Kids!" is seen hanging between the two far walls. Coloured streamers are sprawled everywhere.

Animatronics: Freddy 3.0, Chica 3.0

West Hall (CAM 10)

A hallway located to the left side of the back of the restaurant. It is very dark, with only a single flickering light keeping it from being completely shadowed. More children's drawings can be seen here, as well as some miscellaneous items on the floor.

Animatronics: Bonnie 3.0

West Hall Corner (CAM 11)

The last location before the West Doorway in the office. A small room made of brown stone, it is a semi storage room of sorts, housing various goods for the restaurant.

Animatronics: Bonnie 3.0

East Hall (CAM 12)

A hallway located to the right side of the back of the restaurant. It is brighter than the West Hall, but it's still dark. It is littered with newspaper clippings, which read "FIVE CHILDREN MISSING", "GUARD ATTACKED" and "BITTEN BY ANIMATRONIC" on the visible ones, referencing the past games.

Animatronics: Chica 3.0

East Hall Corner (CAM 13)

A small room just before the East Doorway. It is likely a break room for the day guards to use at, hence the coffee table and food boxes, but animatronics parts are scattered on the floor.

Animatronics: Chica 3.0

Prize Area (CAM 14)

A colourful room filled with balloons, banners and a prize dispenser in the corner. Children come here to collect prizes, although this is not shown in-game. A variety of plush toys themed after the animatronics can be seen sitting on top of the counter.

Animatronics: Freddy 3.0, Foxy 3.0

Elevator Lobby (CAM 15)

A wide area with a marble floor and walls, where the elevators are located. Two metal elevator doors are seen set into the wall, with Foxy, when he's in there, standing between them. Balloons can be seen here, as well as pizza-like decorations.

Animatronics: Foxy 3.0, Samuel

Restrooms (CAM 16)

A tiled area where the toilet and other bathroom amenities are located. There is a blue door, for males, and a red door, for females. This is the final room before the North Doorway.

Animatronics: Freddy 3.0

Second Floor

Mezzanine (CAM 17)

A marble mezzanine with a stylized metal railing surrounding it. It overlooks the lobby, and it is decorated with various types of artwork and pottery. No animatronics currently visit this area.

Second Floor Hall (CAM 18)

A long hallway where lots of people pass through to get to various other places on the second floor. It is decorated with armchairs, patterned wall tiles and various posters. Some doors can be seen near the southern end, leading to various amenities.

Animatronics: Samuel

Atrium (CAM 19)

This is where Peter starts. The Atrium is a room made of green marble, overlooking the Dining Hall on the first floor. This place also leads to the Storytelling Room and the Ice Cream Parlor. Golden metal can also be seen decorating this room.

Animatronics: Samuel, Peter

Samuel's Storytelling Room (CAM 20)

This is where Samuel starts. A small wooden room surrounded by a series of blue-tinted windows and a crimson curtain. A throne-like chair, as well as some books, can be seen overturned in the corner, and some papers can be seen near where Samuel starts, in the darkest corner.

Animatronics: Samuel

Ice Cream Parlor (CAM 21)

This is where Hazel starts. A tiled area with shiny tables and a bar area which is filled with tubs of different flavours of ice creams. A freezer can be seen in the corner, and when she's still there, you can see Hazel's little head poking out of there.

Animatronics: Hazel

Upper North Hall (CAM 22)

Another narrow hallway, this time decorated with orange marble. Posters can be seen here, as well as some plates. It connects the Atrium, the Generator Room, the Mini-Mall and Christian's Arcade. Only a couple of animatronics can be seen in here.

Animatronics: Samuel, Melissa, Peter

Generator Room (CAM 23)

This is where Melissa starts. A steel-plated room with a large generator in the middle. Melissa can be seen underneath a pile of red and green cabling to the far side of the room, looking up at the camera in the dark.

Animatronics: Melissa

Mini-Mall (CAM 24)

This is where Gary starts. A colourful shopping arcade decorated with neon lights and signs. Various things being sold, mostly Freddy and Friends merchandise, can be seen through the shop windows. A television screen can be seen on the wall, broadcasting what's happening directly below on the Show Stage, although during the game, it shows static.

Animatronics: Melissa, Gary

Chameleon Arcade (CAM 25)

This is where Christian starts. A futuristic arcade room echoing with chiptune music and illuminated by flashing arcade machines. Various posters can be seen behind the games, and an air hockey table with Freddy's face printed on it is in the middle. When Christian is here, he can be seen leaning against it.

Animatronics: Christian, Samuel, Peter

Upper West Hall (CAM 26)

Similar to the normal West Hall, this is a dark narrow corridor with many items scattered on the ground, and many of these are either drawings or scraps of posters.

Animatronics: Hazel, Melissa, Gary

Upper West Hall Corner (CAM 27)

A small storage room for animatronic parts and documents. Rubbish is littered on the floor and a "No Entry" sign is fixated on the wall. A few character heads can be seen collecting dust on top of a shelf, which itself with stuffed with documents and other important papers.

Animatronics: Hazel, Melissa, Gary

Upper East Hall (CAM 28)

A narrow, dark, hallway. Pretty much the same as all of the hallways, except there is a TV here for security guards on break, as well as a couple of chairs.

Animatronics: Christian, Samuel, Peter

Upper East Hall Corner (CAM 29)

A surprisingly bright area, this has a small computer and some other miscellany used for aiding other security guards during the restaurant's opening hours.

Animatronics: Christian, Samuel, Peter

Kid's World North (CAM 30)

A playroom where everything is built out of colourful plastic. A slide, a ball pit, a small table with paper and crayons littered on it, and a crawling tunnel can all be seen around the place. The walls are a checkerboard of green and white.

Animatronics: Christian, Peter, Hazel

Kid's World South (CAM 31)

The other side of the playroom, this time with climbing equipment and spaces for running around. The walls here are tiled blue and white, and the floor is dark blue carpet.

Animatronics: Samuel, Gary, Melissa

Upper Elevator Lobby (CAM 32)

This is where the elevators are on the second floor. It is similar to the one on the First Floor, being built from green and white marble, and having two pairs of steel doors.

Animatronics: Christian, Samuel, Peter, Gary, Melissa, Hazel

Vent Room (CAM 33)

A small steel chamber with a very loud air conditioner built into one of the walls. It is the last room before the Top Vent, and it also holds various wires of different purposes.

Animatronics: Christian, Samuel, Peter, Gary, Melissa, Hazel

Top Vent (CAM 34)

The ventilation shaft located in the ceiling of the office. It is built out of stainless steel, and is very narrow but very long. All of the Second Floor animatronics come down through here.

Animatronics: Christian, Samuel, Peter, Gary, Melissa, Hazel

Third Floor

Adult's Lounge (CAM 35)

This is where Victor starts. A small, warm room with armchairs, a glass coffee table, and various magazines and a cup of coffee sitting on top of it. The walls are made of red wood.

Animatronics: Victor

Library (CAM 36)

This is where Holly starts. A spacious room with all four walls lined with shelves and shelves of book. A chair can be seen right in the middle, and a dim lamp lights up the room.

Animatronics: Holly

Third Floor Hall (CAM 37)

Coming soon!


Night 1

Gameplay and Strategy

Night 1 is the easiest of the five main nights, and it is an introduction which demonstrates the game's features to the player, before the challenge of Nights 2-5. A good strategy to use is this:

  1. Check the West Doorway lights
  2. Check the East Doorway lights
  3. Check the North Doorway lights
  4. Check the Top Vent on camera
  5. Pinpoint Freddy 3.0's location on camera
  6. Check to see if Foxy 3.0 has moved every in-game hour

The animatronics active on this night are Freddy 3.0, Bonnie 3.0, Chica 3.0 and Hazel. The way to get rid of Freddy 3.0 is to see if he is in the Restrooms. This is the last place he goes to before attacking you, so if he's there, immediately lower the monitor and shut the door there. The North Doorway is the only Doorway with a door, so wait until you hear footsteps again before opening the door. Refrain from checking the Restrooms camera, because he might be there, and this will make him stay there longer, forcing you to waste power.

Bonnie 3.0 and Chica 3.0 are easy to deal with, and an important thing to know is that Bonnie 3.0 always comes from the West Doorway, and Chica 3.0 always from the East. If one of them appears in your blindspot when you use the light, immediately put on your Freddy mask. If you use the light while with the mask and they are still there, switch it off. This is normal. Wait a few seconds, and check the light again. If they are not there, it means they have been fooled and are off somewhere else. Take off the mask after that.

One thing though, if you check the lights while wearing the mask, and on the first time, they're not there, this means you've put on the mask too late and they are a few seconds from jumpscaring you.

Hazel runs the Ice Cream Parlor on the Second Floor, and if she's not being watched, she will leave. She always enters from the vent in the ceiling, so check the camera there often. If Hazel is in the Top Vent, as it's called, immediately use the Smokebomb. She will get disoriented and will leave if used at the right time.

Animatronics Introduced: Freddy 3.0, Bonnie 3.0, Chica 3.0, Hazel

Phone Call

"Um, hmm, hello? Just wanted to tell you, welcome to Freddy and Friends Pizzeria and Store! I see you're here as a security guard, so let me just get you ready for the five nights ahead. I used to be a guard too, that was back in '93...something bad happened. Anyway, Freddy and Friends is a fun place for every family. Have some food at our re-opened pizzeria, buy some merchandise at our new mini-mall, blah blah blah.

You know, this job isn't as bad as you might think it is. Even though these animatronic characters can be active at night, it's nothing dangerous. They have been tested for safety by professionals, so what could possibly go wrong? One thing though, they might glitch up and seem to attack you, though the chance of that is very low. Their servos seem to stall if they stay in one place, so we just leave them on throughout the day and night.

Uh, the complex you're in was built by a newly-formed organization following in the footsteps of Fazbear Entertainment. They were lots of bad things, the Bite of '87, the missing children, how Mr. Schmidt was almost shoved into a suit. The place was shut down and F.E went BANG! Bankrupt. Eventually, the guys here bought them out and turned this place into what it is now.

In case these animatronics do attack you, we've thrown in several tools like Smokebombs, Electric Disruptors and even a Freddy Fazbear mask! Hopefully that'll fool them, heh. Now check those cameras, flick those lights, and close that door only if needed a lot. Good luck, friend!"

- Phone Guy

Night 2

Gameplay and Strategy

Night 2 is still easy, but compared to Night 1, the difficulty is ramped up quite a lot. The player needs to try harder and be more active. Here is a good strategy:

  1. Check the West Doorway lights
  2. Check the East Doorway lights
  3. Check the North Doorway lights
  4. Check the Top Vent on camera
  5. Pinpoint Freddy 3.0's location on camera
  6. Check on Foxy every in-game hour to make sure he hasn't moved
  7. Use Heat Vision to find Christian, if you can't see him in the cameras.

The animatronics active are Freddy 3.0, Bonnie 3.0, Chica 3.0, Foxy 3.0, Hazel and Christian. The way to deal with Freddy 3.0 is the same as Night 1, except Freddy moves slightly faster. Remember, only close the North Doorway's door when Freddy 3.0 is in the restrooms, and only when you hear footsteps can you check the Restroom camera again.

Bonnie 3.0 and Chica 3.0 work the same as in Night 1, except faster and they leave slightly earlier. Just put on the Freddy mask as you see them in the blind spot, and wait for them to go away like you did on Night 1.

A new danger is Foxy 3.0. He starts in Pirate Cove, but if watched too much or too little, he will quickly move through a few more rooms, and then to the North Doorway. If you see him in the blindspot, be sure to shut the door right then and there. Too late, and he will run in, too early and he will bang on it, spending lots of power. Just keep watching him on the cameras, every hour you should check on him.

Hazel is not even a danger, but is just a nuisance still. Just Smokebomb her when she's in the Top Vent.

Christian is basically the Freddy 3.0 of the Second Floor, with a twist. He starts in Chameleon Arcade, and is always the last Second Floor character to leave. He moves slowly, and enters through the Top Vent. Every now and again he turns invisible, so be sure to remember his path, and if he is not on any of the cameras, he's most likely turned invisible. Go to the camera just after the one where he was seen last, and use the Heat Vision functionality. It is highly useful, but spends a fair bit of power. Christian will turn visible and stay there once he realizes he has been spotted while invisible, holding him back, and giving you a higher chance of survival.

Animatronics Introduced: Foxy 3.0, Christian

Phone Call

"Hello? Um...looks like you've made it to your second night. Good job! Now, I don't want to bother you, so I won't talk as long tonight. It appears that um... [clears throat] Freddy and his friends are more active tonight. Just check up on them through the cameras in case they've wondered off somewhere. They should be in their proper places, you know. Well, Freddy himself, or at least the new version doesn't move much unless it's very dark. Then he comes at you. Anyway, I want to tell you about your door lights. Around your office are three blind spots not covered by cameras. If the characters aren't anywhere else, chances are they're in your blind spot. Only the northern doorway has a door though, and you'll need to use the Freddy Mask to ward off animatronics in the other spots.

As for the vent in the ceiling, when someone's there, use the Smokebomb. But one rule, DON'T use the smokebomb on the animatronics when they're in the doorways! It'll just aggravate them even more. Only Hazel usually comes down there, so yeah. No biggie. Also, I think you'll need to check on Pirate Cove. Looks like Foxy there hasn't gotten out of his old ways. Not too much, not too little. He doesn't like being watched. There is also a chameleon who can turn invisible. Use Heat Vision on the Second Floor cameras if he's nowhere to be seen. Anyway, I'm more than sure that you have everything in control. Talk to you soon and uh, just be caref- [static and bad signal tone]

- Phone Guy

Night 3

Gameplay and Strategy

Night 3 is an instant raise of the difficulty, so the game is quite hard now. The player needs to know how to operate each device and work efficiently. Here is a good strategy.

  1. Check the lights in each Doorway
  2. Check the Top Vent camera
  3. Scan the Second Floor for any rogue animatronics
  4. Pinpoint Freddy 3.0's location on camera
  5. Check on Foxy every nine clicks of the light to make sure he hasn't moved
  6. Use heat vision to find Christian, if not seen on cameras
  7. Check the Elevator Lobby camera, in case any Second Floor animatronics went down

The animatronics active are Freddy 3.0, Bonnie 3.0, Chica 3.0, Foxy 3.0, Hazel, Christian, Samuel, Gary and Peter. Freddy 3.0 starts moving around 3 AM, and when he moves, he does it quickly. Use the same strategy you did for the previous two nights, but be extremely careful, as he sometimes manages to sneak into your office while you're busy trying to get rid of the others.

Bonnie 3.0 and Chica 3.0 are dangerous on this night, leaving as early as 1 AM. They are usually quite easy to deal with, but once they start disabling doors and lights, things can get out of hand. Immediately after you see either of them, Freddy Mask, lights twice.

Foxy 3.0 will behave pretty much exactly like on Night 2, but you'll need to react quicker when it's time to shut the door on him. He will also usually leave after Bonnie and Chica 3.0, but before Freddy 3.0, so keep this in mind.

Hazel is quite prominent in the Top Vent, and there is now less time to Smokebomb her. As for Christian, he will turn invisible more, requiring you to spend more power on using the heat vision functionality. However, he still leaves very late in the night, so you will most likely reach 6 AM before he gets you if you do things right.

Peter and Gary are new. Both of them can disable your door and lights, just like Bonnie 3.0 and Chica 3.0, once they're in your office, so there is a new strategy just for them. If you find that Bonnie 3.0 and Chica 3.0 have been dealt with, but the door and the lights cannot be activated, it means that either Peter or Gary are nearby. DO NOT open the Top Vent camera: you'll need to use the Electric Disruptor. It hurls one at the ceiling of the office, where they go before jumpscaring you, disabling them and causing a system restart, sending them back to the starting line.

Samuel also comes in on this night, and has a unique ability. He doesn't normally attack you, but likes riding in the elevators. He can switch floors and call in the animatronics nearby, so if you see him near your office, chances are the others are not far behind.

Animatronics introduced: Peter, Gary, Samuel

Phone Call

"[static and three seconds of garble] Hello? Oh, sorry about that, connection problems. So anyway, third night! That's pretty far for a security guard. Anyways, ahem, uh, it looks like the original four are doing what they always do. Oh, did you go well with managing Hazel and Christian? They can be tough to deal with at points of time, especially Christian. Ah, uh, I-I need to talk to you about those...electric disruptors you were given.

It seems that two of our animatronics have been tampered with during the day shift. We have no idea who did it, but we know who he or she messed up. That goat who you usually see drumming with the band, and um...the porcupine we use as a party host. Gary and Peter. So...they can disable your doors and lights, but there is a way to deal with him. Here's where the disruptors come in. When you find that your doors and lights don't work, just throw an electric disruptor! Chances are they are on the ceiling, and it will stun them, causing a, uh, system restart, sending them back to where they first came from. Pretty neat, huh?

Tonight a third new guy also comes in. Our storyteller, Samuel. You know, that skunk who likes to hang out behind curtains and stuff. He doesn't seem to attack you, but he loves riding in the elevator, and...[clears throat]...calling in other animatronics. If you see him, chances are an animatronic is not far away from you, and if they get you...[shivers and murmurs something. It is unknown what he is saying, but the common interpretation is "How awful!"]...look, just hang in there, and I'm sure you'll make it out alive. We've hired a mechanic to fix these robots up and he'll be here in a day or so, I assure you. Oh, and one more thing, when you see the Sh-[bad signal tone, five seconds of garble, and then static]"

- Phone Guy

Night 4

Gameplay and Strategy

Night 4 is where things get really hard. A few seconds delay could cost the player his life in the game, so precision is a must. Here is the best strategy.

  1. Check the lights in each Doorway
  2. Check the Top Vent camera
  3. Scan the Second Floor for any rogue animatronics
  4. Pinpoint Freddy 3.0's location on camera
  5. Check on Foxy every seven clicks of the light to make sure he hasn't moved
  6. Use heat vision to find Christian, if not seen on cameras
  7. Check the Elevator Lobby camera, in case any Second Floor animatronics went down
  8. Check on Melissa

The animatronics roaming around tonight are Freddy 3.0, Bonnie 3.0, Chica 3.0, Foxy 3.0, Hazel, Christian, Peter, Gary, Samuel and Melissa, an unbelievable ten characters to watch for. Freddy 3.0 becomes a real challenge here, as he sometimes moves away from the Lobby as early as 2 AM, and moves very fast, and before you know it, he could even be at your office. To avoid getting attacked by other animatronics, while you're checking on his location, flick the cameras really fast.

Bonnie 3.0 and Chica 3.0 are relatively the same as on Night 3, but they now gain the ability to disable all three lights at the same time. The chance of survival drops greatly when they do this, so make sure they don't go anywhere near your office.

Foxy 3.0 will leave Pirate Cove by 1 AM tonight, and will move slowly at first, giving you time, but once he's out, you're in trouble. Moving within seconds between cameras, you have a very, very small timeslot to react in when he gets to you.

Hazel will leave soon, and will pop up in your vent very often. Christian, however, will be invisible 50% of the time, and will depart his starting location around 4 AM, so only use the heat vision for a few seconds at a time, or you'll waste valuable power.

Peter and Gary can now also disable all three of your lights. Use the same strategy as on Night 3. They seem to leave their starting locations at 3 AM, so keep a watchful eye throughout the night.

Samuel will also use the Elevator a lot, but most of the time, he lurks around on the Second Floor. Be careful, and try not to let him get into the elevators.

There is a new animatronic, a mouse named Melissa. She will leave the Generator Room at the beginning of the night, but won't proceed to attack you. You have to know exactly where she is, because she goes by these rules: if you watch her too much or too little, she runs back to the Generator Room and leaps at the generator, cutting off all of your power for a few seconds. This can be deadly.

Animatronics introduced: Melissa

Phone Call

"[garble and static] [tapping noise] Ah, there we go! So, uh, you've managed to reach your fourth night! Excellent! So you know how last night I told you that the animatronics were being tampered with? One more comes in tonight. Hey, you know that cute looking mouse who you can see wondering around on the Second Floor...Melissa, yes. Well, keep close tabs on her, she can bang on the generator, cutting off your power for a few seconds. [clears throat] So, hm, now I guess I- [garble] and in 2012, the pizzeria was ready to g-[garble]...why is it doing that? It's almost as if someone is trying to intercept the call!

Well, moving on, there have been rumours of some strange creature on the Third Floor over the past few days. They call it "The Shadow". Hmm. They're probably just making things up. Or hallucinating. So many bad things have happened involving Freddy Fazbear in the past. Mr. Olesen himself refers to the character as an "unlucky charm". I talked to him today and he seemed to know nothing of the rumours, although I think he's hiding something.

Also, about that mechanic, he's nowhere to be seen. He was supposed to come today, but he never did. I think we might as well shut the restaurant down in the next couple of days or so. So, have a good night, and uh...yeah, just keep going you can do it."

- Phone Guy

Night 5

Gameplay and Strategy

Night 5 is the climax of it all, and the final night of the main game. Even the tiniest slip can cost you a chance to survive later on, as it goes tumbling down like a domino effect. The best strategy that works almost all of the time is this:

  1. Check the lights in each Doorway
  2. Check the Top Vent camera
  3. Scan the Second Floor for any rogue animatronics
  4. Check on Foxy every five clicks of the light to make sure he hasn't moved
  5. Use heat vision to find Christian, if not seen on cameras
  6. Check the Elevator Lobby camera, in case any Second Floor animatronics went down
  7. Check on Melissa, in case she steals your power when you're not looking
  8. Pinpoint Freddy 3.0's and Victor's locations, if Victor has started moving

The animatronics active are Freddy 3.0, Bonnie 3.0, Chica 3.0, Foxy 3.0, Hazel, Christian, Peter, Gary, Samuel, Melissa and Victor. Freddy 3.0 leaves the Lobby at 1 AM, and literally storms towards the office, so conserve your power as much as possible and be sure to know exactly where he is by checking the cameras.

Bonnie 3.0 and Chica 3.0 leave pretty much instantly, and Peter and Gary embark on their journeys at either 1 or 2 AM. The mask, the lights and the electric disruptors: do all the things you did those previous nights, but much faster than Night 4.

Foxy 3.0 usually leaves Pirate Cove a few moments after Bonnie and Chica begin their rampage, and moves at unbelievable speeds. You have a tiny, tiny timeslot to react when he's in the doorway, and at that point, there is a very small chance of surviving.

For some reason, Hazel won't be as active as before, but she will try to attack you at least twice tonight, and with great precision. Christian will be invisible 67% of the time and will leave the arcade at 2 AM, leaving you with a rush of animatronics in the early hours.

Samuel will be all over the place, and up and about by around 3 AM. Many animatronics will react to his signals, so keep him in check by watching him on the cameras and making sure he doesn't leave the Second Floor.

Melissa will start wondering around at 4 AM, and has a 10% chance of going back to the Generator Room and cutting off power. The new arrival this night is a quiet vole named Victor. He begins on the Third Floor, in the Adult's Lounge, but hardly moves. The player should not watch him, as the cameras always make a buzzing noise, and loud noises provoke him.

Animatronics introduced: Victor

Phone Call

"[heavy breathing] Listen, I won't be able to talk to you for long. They've found me. I managed to hold out for three hours, but I know he's coming. The Shadow is coming. Uh, I think I still have a bit to go, so I will tell you what's in store. We've found the suspect, identified him as a certain "Mr. Courtmann", but he escaped soon afterwards. But he's done his dirty work. All of the animatronics are active tonight, including one of the newest ones, Victor. He normally pokes around in Adult's Lounge, where the grown-ups can go when they feel like a break, while the kids are playing and eating. Try not to check on him much until you hear him move. The cameras create a loud buzzing sound and he seems to be provoked by noise.

Listen, this is your final night, so just see if you can make it. I believe in you, friend. So, just... [door slams]...yeah, Foxy just tried to attack me. I told you. They found me. [footsteps and distorted screech] Oh, please no! Just please don't- [distorted screaming for two seconds, and then a long cry of pain and terror] IT'S ME. YOU WILL KNOW THE JOY OF CREATION. SET US FREE. IT'S ME. IT'S ME. IT'S M-[static]

- Phone Guy, killed by an unknown attacker

Night 6

Gameplay and Strategy

An optional night after the main game, which is much harder than Night 5. Every mistake is deadly, so it takes a pro to beat this night. Here is the best strategy:

  1. Check the lights in each Doorway
  2. Check the Top Vent camera
  3. Scan the Second Floor for any rogue animatronics
  4. Check on Foxy every three clicks of the light to make sure he hasn't moved
  5. Use heat vision to find Christian, if not seen on cameras
  6. Check the Elevator Lobby camera, in case any Second Floor animatronics went down
  7. Check on Melissa, in case she steals your power when you're not looking
  8. Pinpoint Freddy 3.0's and Victor's locations, if Victor has started moving
  9. Check on the Shadow and make sure it doesn't move at all

The animatronics active are Freddy 3.0, Bonnie 3.0, Chica 3.0, Foxy 3.0, Hazel, Christian, Peter, Gary, Samuel, Melissa, Victor and the Shadow. Freddy 3.0 can leave the Lobby pretty much instantly, and moves unbelievably fast, and it is very hard to keep up with him using the cameras.

Bonnie 3.0 and Chica 3.0 start their runs pretty much instantly, and Peter and Gary begin moving just afterwards. Mask, lights and disruptors are the key to survival again. Meanwhile, Foxy 3.0 leaves Pirate Cove a few moments after Bonnie and Chica leave, and moves the fastest. It is extremely hard to survive his attacks, and great concentration is required.

More coming soon.

Phone Call

"[five seconds of static and a distorted scream] WHY DID HE DO THIS TO US?! HE DID THIS. HE DID THIS. HE DID THIS. HE DID THIS. WE ARE TRAPPED. LET US GO. SET US FREE. HE DID THIS. HE DID THIS. IT'S ME. IT'S ME. IT'S MEEEEEE-[call cuts off]"

- Unknown

Custom Night

The Custom Night revolves around switching the AI of each and every animatronic to any difficulty level you prefer, the numbers going from 0 all the way up to 20, the hardest for each animatronic. There are seventeen animatronics in total, and there are preset difficulty combinations, which can be done in order to win small rewards for the Office. There are seventeen difficulty dials, one for each animatronic.

The Custom Night has no phone call.

Game Mechanics


There are three Doorways, West, East and North. The North Doorway, a few metres in front of you and your desk, is the only one to have a door. Use this only when Freddy 3.0 or Foxy 3.0 are nearby. Freddy 3.0 does not appear in the blind spot, while Foxy 3.0 does. The door can be jammed by Bonnie 3.0 or Chica 3.0, leaving you open to attack by Freddy 3.0 or Foxy 3.0.


Unlike the door, each Doorway has a light to itself. Check these frequently, as this is the only way of seeing into your camera's blindspot, which are right outside the Office. Switch them on and off quickly, don't leave them on. Leaving them on wastes otherwise useful power. Use them to locate Bonnie 3.0, Chica 3.0 and Foxy 3.0.

Freddy Mask

Like in the canon game Five Nights at Freddy's 2, there is a Freddy Fazbear mask used to ward off certain animatronics. If you put it on as soon as you see certain animatronics in the door way, put it on. The Freddy mask wards off Bonnie 3.0 and Chica 3.0.


Most of the animatronics who start on the second floor will try to enter the office through an air vent built into the ceiling, also known as the Top Vent. As soon as you see an animatronic in the Top Vent camera, throw a Smokebomb to disorient them. Throw it too late, and they'll be ready to jumpscare you.

Heat Vision

Christian is quite a nasty little one. If you can't find him on camera, chances are he's turned invisible. Using Heat Vision to find Christian uses up more camera power, but it is the only way to find him if he's invisible. When he stops, the little motors inside of him are pumping and spinning rapidly, slowly generating heat.

Electric Disruptors

Even though you get these things at the very beginning, there is no use for them except from Night 3 onwards. Use these devices on "simple" animatronics such as Peter or Gary, and they will do a "system restart", sending them back to their starting locations.


BITTEN -You play as one of the Night guards,You then see a child.Then Foxy gets out of the curtains and proceeds to bite the child,bringing the minigame to an end.

Easter Eggs

  • During Night 6, there is quite a big chance of encountering Golden Freddy. In the Party Room (CAM 09), there is a Freddy plush toy. Sometimes, it might change to golden fur, causing your monitor to be lowered, and you getting a Golden Freddy jumpscare.
  • Similar to how "It's Me" appeared all the time in the first game, sometimes, the phrase "No Escape" is written in what appears to be blood.
  • In the office, one of the pictures features a pixellated Toy Bonnie face. This is a reference to something Silver Cyberlink once made.

Miscellaneous Information


  • Shadow Freddy
  • Shadow Bonnie
  • Shadow Chica
  • Shadow Foxy
  • Crimson

More coming soon!