Five Nights at Freddy's: The Darkness Within is a new project by Darkus Studios in conjunction with Scott Cawthorn. Not much is known about this upcoming game, except that it will explore the mysteries behind the earlier game Five Nights at Freddy's: Freddy's Revenge. It is essentially a midquel: a sequel to FNaF1, but a prequel to Freddy's Revenge.

It will take place between 2009 and 2013, following the path of Mr. Olesen and his great plans, and how they went tragically wrong. You play as five different security guards: Cheryl Jackson, Nelson Drake, Kurt Park, Travis Nichols and Melanie Allison.

There are five nights a year in the game, bringing it to a total of twenty-five nights in-game, and it documents the five security guards and what happened to each of them, as well as revealing facts about Mr. Olesen's true intentions and more on the mysterious creature known simply as "The Shadow".

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2009 (Cheryl Jackson)

A rich children-loving businessman, Kole Olesen, decides to revive the famous Freddy Fazbear character, and start a new chain: "Freddy and Friends". He hires a building company to start the construction of a three-storey complex where he will install a pizzeria and mall, and he hires young Cheryl Jackson to take care of the old animatronics at the storage facility for a week before the rebuild of the animatronics starts.

2010 (Nelson Drake)

After being rebuilt, the animatronics escape from the warehouse and end up at the construction site. Nelson, the current security guard, realizes he must survive the night against the new animatronics. But what he doesn't know is that some unknown new force is possessing the kid-friendly characters.

2011 (Kurt Park)

The animatronics are now in the process of safety testing, and they end up passing. However, after vanishing, eyewitness reports start coming in about the animatronics seen wondering around an abandoned factory. Kurt Park, a middle-aged engineer, decides to investigate.

More being announced soon...