The Puppet
Character Information
Known as The Puppet, The Puppet Master, The Marionette
Species Golliwog
Gender Masculine
Starting location Prize Corner
First appearance Five Nights at Freddy's DX
Status Wrecked

The Puppet is the primary antagonist of Five Nights at Freddy's DX.


The Puppet resides in the Music Box in the Prize Corner. The Music Box has to be winded up every now and then. If not, then the Puppet comes out. He then moves to the Office. If the player hears the "Pop! Goes the Weasel" tune, then he/she'll be jumpscared within 7,5 seconds. Nothing can stop the Puppet from attacking, not even using the mask or hiding under the desk. The timer is frozen, to prevent the player from completing the night. Due to this, once the tune plays, the player will get killed no matter what and it'll never become 6 AM due to the frozen timer, so the player cannot prevent it's attack in any way.


  • If Gekko is in the Prize Corner, the Puppet will jump through the camera and end the player's game.
  • The game cannot be paused or closed (attempting to go to the HOME meny in the 3DS version will not work either) when the tune plays to prevent the player from not getting the jumpscare, similarly to Slenderman games in which the game cannot be paused when they see Slender Man.
    • If the computer is shut off and switched on, once the player starts up Five Nights at Freddy's DX, the Puppet will jumpscare them and the game crashes.
  • The Puppet is the most dangerous animatronic in the game.
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