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Note that due to a lack of inactive staff members and an inability to demote them, only active staff members are listed here. Others are technically staff, but haven't been seen on the wiki in a while.

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Previous poll was: Who is your favourite Sister Location character? (6/4/2017)

  • Circus Baby - 9
  • Bidybab - 2
  • Ballora - 8
  • Minireena - 2
  • Funtime Freddy - 44
  • Bon-Bon - 14
  • Funtime Foxy - 22
  • Ennard - 16
  • Yenndo - 2
  • Lolbit - 9


Abihor1973 Abihor1973 21 February

how animatronics kill you


FNAF 4: They all bite your head off or eat you whole. Although for Nightmarionne, he just stabs you with his sharp fingers. Sister Location: They either hang you like the technicians…

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Abihor1973 Abihor1973 21 February


He is an animatronic Bear who seems innocent until midnight, where he wanders around Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, along with the other animatronics until 6 AM. He forcibly stuffs any Human he is hunting d…

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TheFazDude TheFazDude 23 October 2020


Yep. It's time. I'm finally stepping down from the FNaF Fanon staff team, and this'll probably be the last thing I do for the wiki. I know I said this way back in 2019, but I mean it this time. I'm d…

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