"Ring-a-round the rosie, a pocket full of posies, Ashes, Ashes, We all fall down"
―And you will fall down too

Five Nights at Luigi's Mansion's 3 it's a horror and click-and-point fan-game made by the user LincolnDisaster19, it's the third game of the FNaLM series. It's bassed off in Luigi's Mansion 1 and 2 a

nd in The Return to Freddy's 3. Five Nights at Luigi's Mansion's.


Official game description.

Entry n03, they are coming. I should not do that. He, he it's the traitor. Here E.Gadd ending connection in the room 0S3C3T room. Maybe for last time.


We control E.Gadd, he is in a bunker type-place. In this game, we have to watch the cameras and keep an eye on the ghosts, that one more time will trie to kill us, as the official description tell us. E.Gadd hides in an secret room, probably because he doesn't want to be killed by the ghosts.



This time, the doors are replaced by 3 conduits, one in the center, one in the right and one in the left. The ghosts will trie to attacks us from this conduits. We can't close the conduits.


We have a flashlight. If the ghosts tries to attack us, we just have to point it with the flashlight and he will go.


Just like the portrait and the turn-table, Chauncey will trie to attack us by teleporting to the secret room and we have to turn on a music box that will play the infamous "ring around the rosies song" then Chauncey will just go back to his room.

The container.

Unfortunatley, we have a container with a "special ghost" in the room and will have to constantly go to watch him to prevent the ghost to attack.





Neville starts at night one, he starts in Camera 01, then goes to Camera 05, Camera 07. Enters in the conduit and goes to the secret room, Neville it's scared by the light. So you now what to do.
The Brother
The Brother starts in Camera 05, then he goes to Camera 07, Camera 08, Camera 010 and goes to the room. He can be avoided with the flashlight.
Boogmire haves to be constantly watched by the player or Boogmire will attack the players, he does this from night 2 to night 5.
Chauncey Gold-0
Chauncey starts in night 2, he appears ramdonly in your office and you have to turn on the music box and play the lullaby so then Chauncey can go.
Soul Container
Soul Container
Soul Containers actives at night 3, he starts in night 3, he slowly moves in Cam 03 to Cam 04 and then enters in a secret conduit that carries him to the secret room. The player can avoid him with the flashlight.
Melody makes her appearence
Piannissima it's one of the fastests ghosts in the game, Piannissima, similar to Lydia in the first game, appears in Camera 08 and runs through the conduit. She can only be avoided by running away to the special container zone.
Jarvis Gold
Jarvis starts at night 4, he teleports ramdomly to your office and you have to point him with the flashlight and he will disappear.
The Shadow
The Shadow starts at night 5, he starts at Camera 08, then teleports to camera 003, camera 005, camera 001 and camera 007, he enters in the conduit, he it's avoided by running away to the special container zone.


Night one.

Only Neville and Luigi are active this night.

Night two.

Neville, Luigi, Boogmire and Chauncey are active this night

Night three.

Luigi, Boogmire, Soul Container and Piannissima are active this night.

Night four.

Neville, Luigi, Soul Container, Chauncey, Jarvis and Piannissima are active this night.

Night five.

The last night, all the ghosts are active.

Final Cutscene.

-A valley at night with Peach's Castle in the distance, silhouettes of a tree and a bunch of roses can be seen, with dramatic sad and slow muisc, a deep, but acute voice can be heared saying-

Brother... I tried to do my best, I killed him, just like you ask me to do, I also kill "the other"... Just for fun. I have done so many thing for you. But you are not alive... Yet, you are only a shadow in the distance, you have killed him, and placed his grimy bloody rests in a small little cage just like a decoration, I want to place my heart in heaven, but I can't, i have killed a family, my brother, my crime partner, my wife and my father in law. Just for you. I promise you. You will come back. I... Promise you... (Laughs)