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Freddy Fazbear: Pizza Battle is a spin-off RPG of the Five Nights at Freddy's series and a spiritual successor to FNaF World and its sequel. It costs around $4.99USD, or £3.99GBP.


Steam Summary

Freddy's coming home!

After an evil force of shadowy animatronics took over Freddy's precious pizzeria, the cast of Fazbear's was booted out of their home! With the assistance of elder Fredbear, the gang can get back on their paws and get hoppin' back to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza!

Game developed by Afton Industries, and published by Fazbear Industries.

It's not all fun and games though, is it?

The Arcade Cabinet

One fateful night, a group of shadow animatronics boot the gang of Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy out of their humble pizzeria. Landing in Spring Dale, Freddy and Co. consult elder Fredbear. He says that they can definitely reclaim their pizzeria, if they get strong enough and get the greatest party. So, Freddy continues onto an adventure to collect anyone he can!

The 'Real World'

An unknown employee is recruited to go back to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza to recover and dispose of an 'old entity' in a hidden safe room. With utmost hesitation, he accepts. Upon reaching the pizzeria, he finds an arcade machine which he plays while waiting. Unknown to him, something is watching.

Cabinet Gameplay

The game plays like a standard RPG. In certain areas, you can randomly stumble across an enemy. The battle system works as you choose moves. Whoever has the highest speed goes first, and onwards. Basically, it's like an RPG Maker game.


Sprite Character Description Unlock Method
FreddyPB Freddy Fazbear Freddy Fazbear, the leader of the animatronics and the main hero of this tasking venture! Freddy is an all-around character with balanced stats.
BonnieFB Bonnie the Rabbit Bonnie is a strong hitter but weak defence, and the guitarist of the group. Using his strings, he can apply several types of status on their enemies.
ChicaPB Chica the Chicken Chica is the co-singer of the group. She's great at healing, using her cupcake! She can even boost her bandmates!
FoxyPB Foxy the Pirate Fox Foxy is a pirate thriving for adventure. With his hook, he'll slash through the competition. Despite his fast hard hitting moves, he's incredibly weak in defense.
ManglePB Mangle Despite being disassembled, Mangle can still throw strong hits. Despite that, she's not the quickest, but capable of alot. Found in the wild.
BBPB Balloon Boy Balloon Boy is a light-weight balloon vendor. Despite being fast, he's not strong but good defensively. His balloons are strong. Found in the wild.
JJ3 JJ The swift and hidden JJ slides into the frey. She'll take anything out of the competition using similar techniques to her pal Balloon Boy! If BB's unlocked, is found in the wild.
PuppetPB The Puppet The mysterious reserved marionette. Can stat boost her group and stat degrade her enemies. Found in the wild.
BabyPB Circus Baby An overly defensive character with the ability to defend her group. Unlike the rest of the animatronics, she's probably one of the most advanced animatronics. Found in the wild.
BalloraPB Ballora An overly fast character with the ability to speed up her group. Like Baby, she's an advanced animatronic. Found in the wild.
SharpPB Sharp the Wolf Foxy's ol' partner in the pirate business. A fast defensive character but not as strong as his old captain. Found in the Frozen Pizzeria wild.
TrickPB Trick the Pig The lass of Foxy's old crew. A strong defensive character but not as fast as her old captain. Found in the Frozen Pizzeria wild.
FredbearPB Fredbear After meeting certain requirements, the elder Fredbear joins the frey. A strong animatronic with the ability to give the most deadliest bites! Unlocked after beating the Good End.
SpringBonniePB Spring Bonnie After meeting certain requirements, the springing partner Spring Bonnie starts hopping! A defensive fast animatronic with the most 'comfiest' heals! Unlocked after beating the Good End.
Endo01PB Endo-01 The endoskeleton that forms all of your favourite characters! With his army of endoskeletons, nothing stands against him! Rarely found in the wild.
GoldenFreddyPB Golden Freddy This message is an error handler.This message is an error handler.This message is an error handler.This message is an error handler.It's me. Found in the Flipside wild.
ShadowFreddyPB Shadow Freddy This message is an error handler.This message is an error handler.This message is an error handler.This message is an error handler.Err. Found in the Flipside wild.
ShadowBonniePB RWQFSFASXC This message is an error handler.This message is an error handler.This message is an error handler.This message is an error handler.Err. Found in the Flipside wild.


Location Description Enemies Bosses
Spring Dale The home of Fredbear and Spring Bonnie. The most vibrant hill in all of Animatronica. The first area of the game and starting with some of the easier enemies. Make sure to ask CJ for weapons!
  • Coiler
  • Ball Boy
Chipper Forest The decideous forest that surrounds Spring Dale. Surrounded with rogue animatronics that love to chop wood and animatronics.
  • Chop 'n Roll
  • Gearrat
  • Auto-Chipper
Overheat Desert Woo! Sure is hot in this desert! The pyramids here are ancient from springlock past. Make sure not to hallucinate, oasises are abound! Deedee is here, ask her for fishing.
  • Hot Redbear
  • Endo-Eagle
  • Cheesehead
  • Xangle
Endo-beach A cool beach with cool temperatures and cool blue water. Endoskeletons run amuck with Mendo; an armor vender.
  • Mad Endo
  • Suitless Rabbit
  • Sharky
  • Quad Endo
Trash Town A town full of trash. Beware of the animatronics that live here, they're harsh and disfunctional! Additionally, Lolbit exists here and can sell goods out of the scraps she finds.
  • Spare Hybrid
  • Prototype
Frozen Pizzeria This mediocre pizzeria has been frozen over. It's very cold here, and animatronics will experience freeze-damage, which'll hurt you over time as if it were poison.
  • Freezy-bear
  • Frost-rabbit
  • Ice Cuber
  • Porkpatch
Tunnel System Under all of Animatronica is an interconnected tunnel system. After Frozen Pizzeria, access is finally granted and it can be used to enter the other worlds. The next world awaits! Also, a specific turtle lives here.
  • Sewer Gearrat
  • Metal Man
  • Nightmare Pipe
  • Metal Freddy
Dead Forest A dark forest with a lot of dead trees and gravestones. Somewhere lurking in this forest is some familar faces to Foxy. Also, the Pizzeria is just up ahead.
  • Twisted Bear
  • tba
  • Shadow Knight
Freddy Fazbear's Pizza 1993's famous Pizza place. The shadowy villain awaits you, heroes.
  • Dark Knave
  • Brow Boy
  • Dual Endo
  • Shadow Wolf
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  • null



Sprite Character Description Location
FredbearPB Fredbear Fredbear is a NPC found in Spring Dale inside Fredbear's Family House. Fredbear will give advice and tips throughout the game. After beating the game, talking to Fredbear will add him to your team. Fredbear's Family House
SpringBonniePB Spring Bonnie Spring Bonnie is a NPC found beside Fredbear. He doesn't say anything, but will join your team with Fredbear after completing the game. Fredbear's Family House
CJ A green recolour of BB with a hammer instead of a balloon and sign. He sells you weapons. Spring Dale
Deedee Returning from FNaF World, Deedee continues her fishing career. She'll let you play a fishing minigame. Overheat Desert
Mendo Mendo is an armour dealer that will sell you reinforced versions of a character's endoskeleton. Endo-beach
PanStanPB Pan Stan Check Endings. Trash Town
Battle Shell A turtle with a love for battles. Talking with him will let you do waves of battles with several enemies and bosses. Tunnel System
Nightmare Chica & Toy Chica Roaming the Dead Forest, it's possible to find Nightmare Chica and Toy Chica. If you've unlocked JJ and have Foxy in your team, you can play a round of Foxy Fighters to unlock the Fighter Scarf for Foxy or JJ. Dead Forest


Every character has three moves. An attack, a special and a guard. These specials can be changed and unlocked throughout the adventure.


  • Bite (belongs to Freddy, Foxy, Sharp, Trick, Fredbear and Golden Freddy)
  • Hop (belongs to Bonnie, BB, JJ and Ballora)
  • Slash (belongs to Chica, Baby and Spring Bonnie)
  • Burst (belongs to Puppet, Endo-01, Shadow Freddy and RXQ)


  • Mic Throw
    • Freddy's default move, deals damage to two enemies.
  • Mic Spin
    • Golden Freddy's default move, deals damage to all enemies.
  • Mic Glitch
    • Shadow Freddy's default move, deals damage to most enemies and inflicts poison.
  • Rocking Tune
    • Bonnie's default move, deals damage to some enemies.
  • Blazing Tune
    • Deals damage to some enemies and can inflict burn.
  • Chill Tune
    • RXQ's default move, deals damage to two enemies and can inflict freeze.
  • Pizza Recovery
    • Chica's default move, heavily heals a selected member.
  • Big Pizza
    • Heals the whole group, but not as much as Pizza Recovery.
  • Rotten Pizza
    • Damages all enemies, and always inflicts poison.
  • Voyage Slash
    • Foxy's defualt move, slashes at the enemy viciously.
  • Wash-Away Slash
    • Doesn't do any damage, but has a slim chance of insta-killing the enemy.
    • On bosses, it just does damage.
  • Crash Slash
    • Mangle's defualt move, deals damage to few enemies.
  • Balloons
    • Balloon Boy's default move, deals damage to enemies over time.
  • Burst Balloons
    • JJ's default move, instantly deals damage to two enemies.
  • Presents
    • Puppet's defualt move, randomly greatly heals a party member.
  • Frozen Present
    • Baby's default move, randomly freezes an enemy.
  • Dance-Up
    • Ballora's default move, stat boosts the whole team.
  • Controlled Shock
    • Deals damage to all enemies, can paralyse the enemy.
    • Can be found randomly.
  • Endoskeleton Slap
    • Trick's default move, damages a random amount of enemies.
  • Sword Stab
    • Sharp's default move, can randomly stun any enemy.
  • Endo Army
    • Endo-01's default move, creates an army of endos that shoot at the enemies over time.
    • The endos will vanish after a while.
  • Mega Bite
    • Fredbear's default move, deals heavy damage to a lot of enemies.
  • Spring Snap
    • Spring Bonnie's default move, has a 50% chance of insta killing an enemy and a 50% chance of just dealing heavy damage.
  • Pan Ram
    • Deals hard damage to a single enemy and has a chance of instantly killing them.
    • Unlocked after beating the Pan Ending.
  • Axe Slash
    • Deals hard damage to a single enemy.
    • A random drop by Chop 'N Rolls.
  • Metal Slash
    • Deals hard damage to several enemies.
    • A random drop by Metalmen.


  • Reinforce (belongs to Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, BB, JJ, Sharp, Trick, Endo-01 and Golden Freddy)
    • Guaranteed to protect you from 75% of damage.
  • Prize Box (belongs to Mangle, Puppet, Baby, Ballora and RXQ)
    • Can randomly surprise you with a heal.
  • Suit Defend (belongs to Fredbear, Spring Bonnie and Shadow Freddy)
    • Guaranteed to protect you from 90% of damage, but has a set recoil damage.


Sprite Character Description Attacks
CoilerPB Coiler A sharpened springlock with a temper.
  • Snap - simple damage
  • Reinforce - defend
BallBoyPB Ball Boy A happy-go-lucky boy who loves to use his ball.
  • Snap - simple damage
  • Balloons - multiple damage
ChopNRollPB Chop 'N Roll A wooden lumberjack with one axe ready to chop!
  • Axe - damage to two characters
  • Reinforce - defend
MetalmanPB Metalman A metallic lumberjack with one axe ready to destroy.
  • Axe - damage to two characters
  • Reinforce - defend
  • Metal Wheel - metallic pizza wheel, multiple damage


Sprite Character Description Attacks
MetalFreddy Metal Freddy Freddy's metallic rival and just an evil guy with a thirst for fighting. He can be found hiding in the Tunnel System.
  • Metal Mic - heavy single damage
  • Metal Wheel - metallic pizza wheel, multiple damage
  • Metal Hat - heavy double damage
  • Gloom - debuffs your party's attack and defense



Office Gameplay

The game starts with you getting a letter. It reads: "Dear employee, we are requiring you to return to our old building and dispose of an entity. It is within a boarded up safe room around the restrooms." You walk into a strange room with three arcade cabinets, with two disfunctional and one working. You start playing the middle one, which happens to the be the RPG.

During gameplay of the RPG, every time a new world is discovered yellow text is displayed showing messages such as "You shouldn't of came back." and "It's not safe here. You must hide."

After beating the game's final boss, the arcade cabinet you've been playing on cuts to static. The sound of shuffling is heard behind you. The text appears one final time, "Run." and a familiar voice is heard behind you. "You should've listened."

Deep breathing is heard as you run towards the Office of Five Nights at Freddy's 1.  You must survive a night of Five Nights at Freddy's against Springtrap in a dishevelled version of the pizzeria. The cameras and doors are disfunctional and you must supply power to a powerbox behind you. Springtrap is a free roaming animatronic that'll go anywhere he wants and spout quotes. After reaching 6am, the game fades to black to reveal your ending.


Normal Ending

If you fail to finish the Glitch Ending, you will be given this ending.

Springtrap's voice is heard again. "I remember you, Mr. Astor. I remember when you were young. A lucky one too. You slipped right out of my grasp. And you still choose to work here? I question your motives. But despite that. I'll not question what's insane. After all. You won't escape this time."

Afterwards, Springtrap jumpscares you. The screen fades to black, and shows a shot of Trash Town. "Find me."

Good Ending

If you finish the Glitch Ending, and then finish the night against Springtrap, you'll be given this ending.

The screen fades to black. The text appears: "It's all over. I must thank you Alton, the children I carry in my arms speak good things about you. Now, you can finally pay them back. You've helped set the past for those who I've lost. Despite their efforts, they cannot pass on. Now that the first step is done, you may proceed to the next. Go to the Factory and let him follow you. In my regards, thank you." Slowly, a sprite of a cake fades onto the screen. The same cake from the Five Nights at Freddy's 3 minigames.

Pan Ending

In Trash Town, it's possible to encounter Pan Stan. When talking to him, he'll say this:

"I see you found me. I subvert the bounds of reality. Time and space is my toy. Now that you've found me, I'll send you on a quest. Collect my five keys. They're all in this shoddily-done town. Then, I will show you something."

Five keys must be found before talking to Pan Stan again. Then he'll say.

"Good job. You have proven to be a persistent one. You will be shown a secret."

The screen fades to black, and shows a shot of a glitched up mess in Spring Dale.

Glitch Ending

After completing the Pan Ending, a glitched mess is found in Spring Dale. Upon touching it, you are sent to the Flipside. Within the Flipside you must find four crying children. Upon having all four children, a fifth appears at the origin of the Flipside. Afterwards, they will say.


After completing the Glitch Ending, you're told to continue onwards to complete the game.



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