Gamer Guy is an animatronic that was introduced 2 months after Five Nights at Freddy's release.

Voice Actors

Games he is in


During the night he mostly skulks in The Party Room and in any locations leading from there to The Office. He also usually bangs on doors and windows. He also WILL kill the player when given the chance. He will leave The Party Room when neglected (through the cameras) or he will leave automatically at 12:55. He will follow his Movement Pattern Listed Below or sometimes if Freddy escapes before him he will follow Freddy. He will also make the same groaning noises as Bonnie and Chica when he is in The Office. When he teleports he also makes a sound like this: Bum-Bum... Ba-Dum-Bum... Bum-Bum... Ba-Dum-Bum. He is first active on Night 2


His theme when his near The Office. It is a broke down Carnival Merry-go-round theme. It plays when he is near The Office. He will kill the player automatically after his theme plays.

Movement Pattern

Gamer has a certain pattern he follows when going to The Office to kill the player. It goes like this: Party Room --> West Hallway --> Parts/Service --> East Hallway --> Pirate's Cove --> Restrooms --> Poster Room --> The Office

Sound Made When Gamer Guy is in the Office:

With S2

Exceptions to the pattern

  • He will skip the East Hallway if Chica is going down there.
  • He will skip the West Hallway if Bonnie is going down there.
  • He will skip the Restrooms if Freddy is skulking in there.
  • He will automatically go straight towards Parts/Service if anyone has escaped there before him.
  • Whenever he moves he will make a clanking animatronic noise (much like Freddy's Laugh)


Hallucinations he emits

  • An image of him with human eyes: flashes on the screen when he is near.


  • He is very mischievous.
  • He likes to hide in the dark.
  • He hangs out around Parts/Service and The Party Room
  • A young boy named Aaron was stuffed inside his costume
  • Most of the time he wishes to meet new animatronics so he sometimes looks inside Five Nights at Freddy's 3 to see who is there. He is lonely most of the time as well

Love Interest(s)

Wolfy: He and Wolfy are a couple. They also have a son named Elijah


  • He is a gamer
  • He is one of the few Super Saiyans left in the world. (many were destroyed in a war but few survived).
  • He has a counterpart called Golden Gamer





Gamer Guy getting kissed by Snaily