Jessie is a female animatronic that appears in Crazy Chef's with the Cutting Crew when she is turned on her evil side, and also appears in Freddy Fazbear's Pizza as one of the entertainers when she is separated from her fellow Cutting Crew members and turned on her good side. She has long black hair, big green eyes, a red dress and no shoes. In the Cutting Crew, she is an Assassin, Operative.

Jessie 2

Life Story

Jessie went to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza on her 16th birthday, and Freddy lured her away backstage (See: Creepypasta: After 10PM Comes Death) along with a little girl called Samantha. Her murder was gory and painful, and when Jessie saw her new life she wanted to get revenge (evil side) and protect kids (good side).


Jessie is friendly around her friends and people she knows well, but can be threatening, sarcastic and cold to people who are her enemies. Jessie is very clever when it comes to planning, and is very smart about logic, although she hates admitting her plans.


  • Freddy - Jessie really hates Freddy, and Freddy hates her too, although he is slightly attracted to her. Jessie knows this and hates the fact that Freddy thinks she is attractive. Jessie avoids Freddy as much as she can, and dislikes being near him.
  • Chica - Jessie dislikes Chica a little bit since Chica is friends with Freddy, but when Freddy isn't between Jessie and Chica, they get on quite well. Jessie often threatens to tear apart Chica with full force when she is irritated with Chica, which Jessie is frequently.
  • Bonnie - Jessie is disgusted by Bonnie, as Bonnie always flirts with her. Jessie has punched Bonnie, but unfortunately for Jessie, Bonnie keeps flirting with Jessie. Jessie thinks Bonnie is a creep and almost hates him as much as Freddy.
  • Foxy - Jessie doesn't really know Foxy, but when they do happen to meet, they get on really well. The first time they met, Foxy thought Jessie was a human and bit right into her animatronic arm. Jessie forgave him and they have small conversations when they do meet.
  • Toy Jessie - Jessie hates Toy Jessie because she replaced her. When they see each other, Jessie smudges her hand on her, and Toy Jessie being germophobic, she looks disgusted. Jessie often shouts and bosses about Toy Jessie, even more than she does normally with others.