Name(s): Justin, DJ Mudstin, Justin the Mudkip

Species modeled after: Mudkip from Pokémon

Duration of service (age):  1982–present

Height: One of the shortest of the animatronics being about 4 feet tall

Fur colour: Blue (toy version is purple/pink)

Eye colour: Green

Reason for decommission: N/A not decommissioned

Brought back into service?: N/A not decommissioned

Function in the Pizzeria: DJ for the band

Level of intelligence (measured against a person): The same level as the average adult human, if not a tiny bit higher

Programmed personality: Kind, cool, a bit over the top emotionally, always happy

Personal audio: "Lemme bring the beat back..." and "Hai!" are the only things he says. Withered version says "Lemm- *static* -eat ba-back..." and "Ha-" instead

Fredbear's design: An anthro Mudkip with sunglasses and headphones. His eyes are dark green. He holds a record labeled "Mashup 1983" in his hand.

Toy Design: An anthro shiny Mudkip with glasses and headphones. His eyes are lime green. He holds a CD labeled "My Kewl Jamz" in his hand.

Freddy Fazbear's design: The Fredbear's design with normal glasses instead of sunglasses. And no record or CD, he holds nothing.

Unique skeletal features/Ai features: The ability to DJ any song (updated each year) easily and also, the ability to stop other animatronics.

Quirks: He can stop other animatronics, but this causes him to slowly get destroyed/withered each night. The toy version doesn't have this ability due to being aggressive.

Passive/Aggressive:   FNaF: Passive FNaF2: Toy version is Aggressive, Withered version is Passive

Hours most active:  FNaF: All night FNaF2: Toy version is most active from 12am-3am, Withered version is active all night

Nights most active: FNaF: Nights 5 and 6 FNaF2: Toy version is on all nights, Withered version is on Nights 4-6

Starting location: FNaF: Showstage FNaF2: Showstage

Programmed route of the restaurant:  FNaF: Showstage - Dining Room - ??? (wanders around) FNaF2: (Toy) Showstage - Main Hall - Party Room 3 - Party Room 1 - West Vent - Office and (Withered) Parts/Service - Main Hall - ??? (wanders around)

Mechanics:  FNaF: Can stop any animatronic from moving. He is the only animatronic that helps you instead of killing you. FNaF2: The Toy Version of him is the slowest animatronic, but the Withered Version works like the original one and does normal speed.

Audio cues:  FNaF: n/a FNaF2: Toy version: The Kidz Bop version of Gangnam Style plays for a couple seconds when he becomes active. N/a for the Withered version.

Attack screen: FNaF: n/a FNaF2: Toy version: Tosses the CD into your mouth, then walks through the door screaming. N/a for the Withered version.

“Interaction” with the other Animatronics:  FNaF: Hates them all, as he knows that you are human (he's smart enough) and he doesn't want you dead. FNaF2: His toy version is friends with them all, being a very friendly guy. Withered Justin is the same as the original.

FNaF 4th/5th Night glitching: Static coming from his jaw and a lopsided head. 1/100 chance he'll have a missing arm.

Levels of Ai: FNaF: 20 - 18 - 14 - 9 - 6 - 2 FNaF2: (Toy) 5 - 11 - 9 - 15 - 18 - 19 (Withered) 18 - 14 - 9 - 6 - 2 - 1

Backstory: n/a Not Yet

Lore: n/a Not Yet

Trivia: n/a Not Yet