"Rise ! My creation !"

- Anschluss after creating Nightmare M. Freddy.

"Oh no ! H-he's here !"

- Little Kid talking about Nightmare M. Freddy.

Nightmare M. Freddy is the nightmare version of Musical Freddy and the main protagonist of Freddy Fazbear's Musical Universe 5.

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Nightmare M. Freddy is an animatronic bear that measures about 2.30 in height and the nightmare version of Musical Freddy. He wears a dark red hat and a dark red tie, he also has a loudspeaker on his chest, but it's off. Unlike his previous versions, he does not have a currency entry.


He has no more personality.


He has the same behavior as Nightmare Freddy, but, he does not have the Freddles. He will come through the two corridors, both the left and the right, and if he gets near to your door, it's just closes it in his face.

Ultimate FFMU Night



"I returned ! Maybe you don't remember me. But I remember you !"

"I am the shadow of your past..."

"Your doors can not stop me !"

"I am the fruit of the mind of the who that you should not have killed !"

- Nightmare M. Freddy after killing the Player.


  • Nightmare M. Freddy was based on Nightmare Freddy from FNaF 4;
    • With a slight difference, he has the right ear.
  • Nightmare M. Freddy was and always will be, the most time-consuming character I've ever created;
    • He took almost 1 month to be created.
  • Nightmare M. Freddy has a color that the musical animatronics does not have;
    • Which is the beige color.
  • Nightmare M. Freddy is the first alternative version of Musical Freddy that does not have a microphone;
    • And also the first version that has no cheeks.
  • his loudspeaker remains in his endoskeleton instead of being in his chest.