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One Night of Everything: Ultimate Custom Night is the supposed finale in the One Night of Everything series. This game is a huge custom night featuring several presets.


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After William Afton beat 50/20 mode in the Ultimate Custom Night, Satan decided to send him here, to prove his skill and just for the devil's entertainment.


The location is a mish-mash of all the Five Nights locations bundled into one, perfect for all the animatronics.



Five Nights at Freddy's

Image Character Description
ONOEFreddy Freddy Fazbear Freddy is the star of the show and name of the game. He stands at his starting spot, the Classic Show Stage. He'll make his way towards the Right Hall and stalk you until your vulnerable. Keep your ears out for his nasty laugh.
Bonnie-2 Bonnie the Rabbit Bonnie is the loyal bandmate with a strive on the guitar. Once he's done tuning his instrument on the Classic Show Stage, he'll make his way through the Left Hall looking for you. If he appears in that door, you better shut it!
Chica-1 Chica the Chicken Chica is the secondary singer of the band. While she loves to spend time in the Kitchen, she'll start at the Show Stage. She'll go through the Right Hall, and try to go through your door. If she fails, she'll reside in the Kitchen awaiting her time to strike again.
Foxy-1 Foxy the Pirate Fox The pirate swings his hook, as Foxy will snap his sharp teeth at you. On his stage in the Ship's Cove, he'll eventually dash down to your office after a certain amount of time. Make sure to close one of the doors, and keep out for his foot steps. You don't know which one he'll go down!
ONOEGFreddy Golden Freddy It's him. Golden Freddy's residence is unknown but his face can be seen on one of the posters found throughout all of the rooms. He'll appear in your office and if you don't deter him with your camera, you'll get the bite.
Endo-01-0 Endo-01 A bare endoskeleton in the Backstage. He'll sneak throughout the rooms only moving certain objects along his way to let you know he's there. You won't see him coming through those blindspots. you better make sure you're paying attention to which hall he'll come through.
Phone Guy-0 Phone Guy Ring ring, ring ring! Hello! Hello! Those noises will drive you mad and drive those animatronics closer to your room. Shut that phone up by pressing the Mute Call button as normal! (or press E if you're lame)

Five Nights at Freddy's 2

Image Character Description
Toy Freddy Toy Freddy He's back from retirement, giving up games as a hobby. Toy Freddy of the Toy Show Stage is really hidden in his camera placement. After the Game Area, who knows where he went! Most likely, the left door. You might hear him play his tune even.
Toy Bonnie-0 Toy Bonnie The leapster Toy Bonnie returns to bring back the good memories. He'll hope from the Toy Show Stage all the way towards the Right Vent. His scanners are still outta wack, so using the mask should be good enough!
Toy Chica Toy Chica Toy Chica is packing the heat in... certain ways. While animatronics will slow down for her in the Game Area, once she makes it through that Left Vent you might be beat. That Freddy Mask comes in handy as Old Freddy isn't really her thing.
Mangle-1 Mangle That screech belongs to Mangle! She lurks in the Ship Cove before heading to your Office. You'll hear him screech through the Right Vent so use that mask good. She'll be detracted, and he'll head back to her Cove.
Balloon Boy Balloon Boy Hi? Hello! Hahaha, you better watch out for the kid with a balloon. Balloon Boy (everyone's favourite) will start in the Game Area, waiting to come out to play. If he finds his way into your Office, your lights will no longer work. That... might be important.
Jay-Jay JJ Ever heard of privacy, lady?! This little freak will sometimes appear under your desk just to taunt you. But don't keep her there, or else she'll pop out and deactivate your doors. Getting rid of her is simple, do a simple click on her as she's under the desk.
Marionette The Puppet The Prize Corner calls for you. The music box is a ticking time bomb. If you keep it wound up, you and that Marionette will get along just fine. But if it ends, the Puppet will go out to kill you. No protection against this beast when it's out! Every bear for himself!
ONOEWFreddy Withered Freddy The ol' Fazbear has been through his own scrap. Despite his torn fur, he'll keep up his act. As one of the only animatronics to be unaffected by the doors, the only way to take him away is make him look in a mirror. Put on your mask to deter him.
Withered Bonnie Withered Bonnie Without a mask to hide this rabbit's evil intentions, Bonnie is back with a rage. Like his old bandmates, he's left in the Parts/Services. He'll go through the Left Vent with the sole intention of getting a new face. But he doesn't accept Freddy's! Use the mask!
Withered Chica What happened to Chica? Honest question, she'll take the long way from the Parts/Services all the way to the Right Vent just to take you out. Using the Freddy mask will deter you, but that won't keep her down for long!
Withered Foxy Alt Withered Foxy No bars held, this is a dangerous fox. Watch as it dashes from the Parts/Services to your Office in seconds before ending your miserable life. Unless you use your flashlight. For some reason, Foxy absolutely HATES being flashed.
Withered Golden Freddy Pay attention to your desk. This yellow bear will appear beside it and freak you out. Use the Freddy Mask to deter him. But if he appears in the doors. DON'T CLOSE THEM. The mask is the only thing that'll stop his head.
Endo-02 Endo-02 will pop out of the Music Box if necessary. He'll crawl through any vent he can see without any warning in those blindspots. If you don't put on the mask WHILE he's in the vent, you'll be jumpscared!
ONOEShadFred Shadow Freddy Be weary of your surroundings. If Shadow Freddy is seen in a camera for an extended period of time, he'll crash your tablet causing it to force a reboot. This is dangerous considering your mission.
RWQFSFASXC You're not even safe in that Office. This shadowy Bonnie can appear on any wall without warning. Staring at him for too long will instantly drop your oxygen down to 0, causing even more vivid hallucinations.

Five Nights at Freddy's 3

Image Character Description
Springtrap He is still here. Springtrap resides in the safe room, awaiting his time to strike. He'll go nearly everywhere, and go through both doors. He also tries to tamper with the Oxygen Machine, trying to awaken the spirits.
Phantom Freddy Phantom Freddy limps along your room suddenly. You have to click his nose to stop him. However, if you fail to do that Phantom Freddy will jumpscare you, causing your Oxygen to drop significantly.
Phantom Chica Is that a watermelon? Phantom Chica's face can be seen in the Game Area's arcade cabinet, where if you watch it for too long Phantom Chica will jumpscare you, causing your Oxygen to drop significantly.
Phantom Foxy Bringing back the pirate motif, Phantom Foxy will randomly appear in your Office without warning. If you stare at him for too long, he'll jumpscare you and cause your Oxygen to drop significantly. Using the camera will get rid of him.
Phantom Mangle Phantom Mangle can randomly appear in Ship's Cove, which'll cause her to appear at the top of your Office, screeching. After a while, he'll jumpscare you instantly which drops your Oxygen.
Phantom BB Those laughs get more demonic, especially if you see Phantom BB randomly on a camera. If you stare at him for too long, he'll appear infront of you just to jumpscare you, dropping your Oxygen drastically.
Phantom Puppet Be careful when winding the Prize Corner's music box. If you see Phantom Puppet there, you'll be severely troubled by the Phantom Puppet, staring at you up close and slowly draining your Oxygen.

Five Nights at Freddy's 4

Image Character Description Notes
Nightmare Freddy The more the merrier, huh? Freddles will slowly crawl through the Left Vent (essentially like your Bed) and the more they build up, the more at risk you are from Nightmare Freddy. Usually flashing the light in the vents stops them.
Nightmare Bonnie This nightmarish rabbit will start in the Nightmare Storage for good reason. This one ain't playing around as it will screech and scratch as it walks towards your left door. You won't see him coming through the blindspot. Shut the door when you can. Can be changed to Jack-O-Bonnie.
Nightmare Chica The tag team duo of chicken and accessory. She starts in the Nightmare Storage, but eventaully she'll scratch her way towards the right door. She won't appear in the blindspot but you'll hear her approach. Shut the door if you hear her or else she'll send out the cake. Can be changed to Jack-O-Chica.
Nightmare Foxy Nightmare Foxy will slowly appear from under the desk. If you don't flash your flashlight at him, he'll jump out and jumpscare you. No closet? The desk will do I guess, huh?
Nightmare Mangle Nightmare Mangle will slink around from the Nightmare Storage. She makes a lot of noise as she moves around but can't be seen on the cameras. You can only tell her position by sound. If you hear her coming through the doors, shut them.
Plushtrap This finger biting freak will move from the Prize Corner and in your vents. If you flash the light down the vent, Plushtrap will scatter off but will try the other vent either way. Don't let him bite you! It won't hurt but it still counts as a Game Over.
Nightmare BB The most demonic BB you'll get. He starts in the Nightmare Storage and will find any way to slink into your Office by the doors. If he gets in, the doors will no longer work.
Nightmare Fredbear The stomach-eating Nightmare Fredbear returns for one final battle. Coming from the Nightmare Storage, Nightmare Fredbear is an unpredictable beast that will go through every door.
Nightmare The shadowy mysterious Nightmare returns for the final bite. Coming from no where, Nightmare is even MORE unpredictable than his golden counterpart and will teleport around sometimes.
Nightmarionne A stringless beast that goes anywhere and is always thinking. The Music Box that can be played lures Nightmarionne away from your Office which it'll ALWAYS go in despite the state of the doors.

FNaF World

Image Character Description
Adventure Endo-01 This little endo will sneak his way into the pizzeria and use his Endo Army to invade your Oxygen. The endos will appear in the Right Hall and shoot at your Oxygen, lowering it. Don't worry, shutting the right door scares them off!
Endoplush Endoplush remains dormant on your Office table until being awoken. When Endoplush is awoken, he will randomly open and close doors, draining some power. To stop him, click one of his eyes to push him back to sleep.
Adventure Fredbear Fredbear is a support character. He gives you intel on animatronic whereabouts with the exchange of attracting them more due to his annoying voice. Oh, and the occasional one-liner on how this game is stupid and impossible.
Deedee Deedee is a support mechanic. In the Game Area is the arcade cabinet for Deedee's Fishing World. You can click on it once to make it play, attracting animatronics like former-gamer Toy Freddy. This is only for one-use however.
Mendo Mendo is a one-time support character. He stays in the Office and offers to fix your cameras, doors, vents and oxygen in one quick move. However, this can only be done once so use it in that one dire situation where everyone is ontop of you!
Old Man Consqeuences If Deedee's game ends (or if Deedee straight up isn't active) Old Man Consequences will appear on her arcade cabinet. His purpose is unknown but it apparently causes the animatronics to randomly get more aggressive or passive.

Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location

Image Character Description
Circus Baby Baby is quite the quiet one. You'll never hear her slink around or even see her. But, if you don't see her coming, she'll jumpscare you without warning. From either halls, the ringleader will try to find her way into your Office.

Sneaking through your vent from locations unknown, Bidybab will go through a two stage process in your vent before jumpscaring you. Administer a control shock to stop him or else.

Ballora Ballora will find you inside your walls. She plays music in her halls. Use this to find out which hall she's coming from, as her presence disables both cameras while she's in the halls. If you fail to do so, you'll face the music.
Minireenas Ballora's little helpers are a pain to deal with. While they have a tendency to roam the halls, they actually don't jumpscare you. However, they will tamper with your Oxygen and to get rid of them you'll have to shock them. They can crawl on your face and to stop this, use the mask.
Funtime Freddy & Bon-Bon The dynamic duo is back for Round 3! While Funtime Freddy will approach you from the doors, he might deploy his trusty Bonnie Puppet to get you through the vents. Close the doors to stop Freddy and shock the vents to stop Bon-bon!
Funtime Foxy He's back with a vengence. She resides in the Ship's Cove where she also hides in the curtains. After finally coming out, she'll rush through your Right Vent where you must shock him before he comes in.
Yenndo This mysterious endo popped outta nowhere! Looking alot like Funtime Freddy too. If you see him appear in your Office, quickly put up the camera to avoid him or else he'll jumpscare you.
Lolbit LOL. JK. Lolbit will appear on one of the monitors on your desk. If you don't type in LOL, they'll block your vision and your cameras wont display any image. Type in LOL to stop this. That simple, SMH.
Bonnet This mysterious puppet appears in your Office and walks by. If you don't tap her nose, she will finish her loop around you and jumpscare you. But tapping her nose will make her fall away and come back for another day.
Electrobab If you keep the camera up for too long, Electrobab will quickly sneak into your Office and zap your camera into not working. It'll restart shortly after, but it's quite an annoyance. What a brat, huh?
Ennard The cluster of the funtimes you had. They'll do nearly anywhere necessary just to rip out your innards and take their place. Controlled shocks and closed doors are the only things to prevent this abomination from killing you brutally.
HandUnit Your trusty companion Handyman's Robotics and Unit Repair Model 5, or simply HandUnit, will flip up with a prompt about your name or preference of reward. This makes audio though and attracts animatronics. Shut it down, quick!

Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator

Image Character Description
Helpy When flipping your camera down, Helpy can randomly appear on your office desk. If he's there, you click on his nose to make him run off or else he'll 'jumpscare' you with an airhorn, causing a lot of audio.
Scrap Baby The remains of Circus Baby crawls into your salvaged pizzeria. She comes in from the Alleyway and will try to crawl through your vents. To stop her you better control shock that vent. Failure to do so, she'll show you how that claw works.
Molten Freddy Round two, atleast for this cluster. The remnants of Ennard will limp its way into your Office through the Alleyway. He's the slowest of the Salvaged Animatronics, and will make his way into your Office through the vents. The control shock will stop him.
William Afton He's still here. Through the Alleyway, Scraptrap or Springscrap will find his way into this pizzeria and will try to get at you through the doors. He tries to tamper with the oxygen like his Fazbear Fright counterpart.
Lefty The real trap is L.E.F.T.E. Lefty will appear from nowhere and will try to find a way into the Office. However, you gotta lure it away from killing you. The Music Box will remind Lefty of its former self and it'll go towards it.
Bucket Bob Bucket Bob starts in the Alleyway, hidden in the trash with the gang. When he gets up, he'll go through the pizzeria to go through the right vent. Though he might sleuth about in the Kitchen or Restrooms. Use the Freddy Head to trick Bucket Bob into not damaging your ears.
Mr. Can-do There's a trash can in the Backstage. But be careful, it's Mr. Can-do in disguise! Once his balloon head sprouts, he'll head towards the Office through the vents. Use the Freddy Head to deter him, or else audio disturbance. Drawn face isn't very accurate with vision or jumpscares.
Mr. Hugs Mr. Hugs is tucked away in the Supply Closet. However, he'll eventually start moving towards you slowly. He won't appear in the blindspot of the Left Door, so shut the door once you hear his vacuum or expect a loud auditory disturbance!
No. 1 Crate No. 1 Crate will sneak into your Office without any known starting location. When he gets into your Office, he'll stay for a while and cheer the animatronics on. This will cause animatronics to get closer to your Office.
Pan Stan He's the leader of the bunch, and he's finally back. He starts within the trash in the Alleyway, before quickly starting his journey to your Office. He doesn't spend too much time messing around, use the Freddy Head to trick Pan Stan if he gets in through the vents.
Happy Frog The happiest hip-hopping frog around! She'll start on the Mediocre Stand and will start moving towards your Office from the Left Hall. The door should work wonders against this toad, but if she slips through she will jumpscare you.
Mr. Hippo A professional purple hippo with a love for your left vent. He'll go through the vent in the Left Party Room, or the Right Party Room after going through the Game Area. Using the mask will stop Mr. Hippo's jumpscare and long story.
Pigpatch Pigpatch (no, not Porkpatch, completely different.) will slink through the Game Area off of the Mediocre Stand. He'll try to go through the Right Hall to trick you and if that fails... he'll just go around to the Left Hall and back to the Left Party Room. Use the door, y'know.
Nedd Bear Unlike the rest of his mediocre pals, Nedd does not appear in the blindspots of the doors. Nedd will try to go through the Left or Right Halls through the doors without you noticing. Don't let him in or else he'll jumpscare you.
Orville Elephant The hardest animatronic to deal with, but is still quite medicore. Orville Elephant slinks from his Mediocre Stand and tries to head through your vents. He won't appear in the blindspots of the vents, so be careful and put your mask on with care.
Rockstar Freddy Freddy's feeling like a rockstar tonight! He resides in the Rock Band awaiting his time to strike at you from the Right Hall. The door should be enough to stop his metal pestering. However, he might go through the Left Hall to switch it up.
Rockstar Bonnie Who knew the rabbit would come back, but the real veteran is his guitar. Rockstar Bonnie starts in the Rock Band and makes his way to the Left Hall or to the Left Vent. Close the door if he tries the door, and shock the vent if he tries well... the vent.
Rockstar Chica Let's Rock! Rockstar Chica starts on the Rock Band and makes her way to go through the Right Hall or Right Vent. You won't see her coming but you might hear her maracas in her approach. That's your cue to shock her in the vent or close the door.
Rockstar Foxy Rockstar Foxy starts from the Rock Band by sending out his parrot into your Office. If you don't click the parrot in time, Rockstar Foxy will instantly rush into your Office and jumpscare you just like that.
Music Man He is behind you, always! And he's sound activated too. If there's a constant noise in your Office, Music Man will slowly become active and you can tell when it happens because he clashes his cymbals together faster and faster, finally ending your run once it gets too loud.
El Chip El Chip will stay in the Rich Bank before finding his way into your Office without any prevention. He isn't here to kill you though, he'll merely play on his strings for a bit just to cause some audio disturbance. It's hard to concentrate when he stays.
Funtime Chica Time to Party! Funtime Chica is back from her party world to force you into her photo shoot. She appears in the Rich Bank, and somehow makes her way into the Office to distract you. Be careful and keep focus!
Security Puppet This is a one-use support animatronic that appears as a music box in your room. When the night is getting too stressful, click the box to cause Security Puppet to make everyone go away from your Office! You can only use it once so use it good!
Candy Cadet Candy Cadet will try and scoot his way into your Office from an unpredictable location. If he makes his way in, he'll tell you a story making a huge auditory disturbance, attracting nearby animatronics.

Ultimate Custom Night

Image Character Description
XOR This shadowy version of Deedee doesn't care about your perfect night. If she's on; she will drag another foe into the night. Sometimes without warning, she'll activate herself despite not being active!
He's Here... Fredbear It's him, the one who brought it all together. This restless soul will randomly appear, teleporting all across this pizzeria. He's the animatronic XOR's likely to bring up. All he wants is revenge, as he is the one you should not of killed.

Extended Canon (VentureSonic)

Image Character Description
Metal Freddy Metal Freddy is a clone of Freddy, but unlike his brown counterpart Metal Freddy he's much more aggressive. He appears out of nowhere in the Dining Area and will take the exact same path as Freddy with the exact same strategy. Instead of laughing, you can hear his metal footsteps.
Sharp the Wolf Sharp is much like his past mate Foxy. He hides in the Ship Cove and will slowly get out of the cove. Then, he'll run through the Right Hall. Use the right door to stop him and try to listen for his quick footsteps.
Trickster Pig Trick is the slowest out of the pirate trio. She starts in the Ship Cove where she'll get out of the curtains and slowly limp her way to the Left Hall. The door should be used to stop her or else she'll jumpscare you.

FazbearFreak's Finest

Image Character Description Notes
Grand Dad There will be a TV in your office, showing off the classic Super Mario Bros. However, those NES games don't last forever. If you see the TV beginning to distort, reset the NES quickly. Otherwise, the game will become 7 Grand Dad, and it'll only be a matter of time before Grand Dad himself ends your run. If Grand Dad isn't active, the NES won't be there. If the MOTHER cartridge is bought, the TV will show off game-play of MOTHER 1 instead.
Steve If you hear a pickaxe hitting your doors, that means Steve is outside, mining your doors for iron. As he mines, power will be drained. Just open the door to scare him off temporarily.
Red, Chuck, and Bomb Determined to make up for their own mediocre series of fangames, these angry birds will try to enter your office in this order: Chuck, Red, Bomb. If you see Chuck in the doorway, that means Red and Bomb will come soon after, so be prepared to close the doors as they attack. Note that they might try to attack from both doors.
Scratch Cat Really? Okay. Scratch Cat will casually sit on your desk. If one of the cameras doesn't work, you can click Scratch Cat one time to help you out instead of waiting for the camera to fix itself. However, Scratch Cat feels the need to constantly meow while working his magic, creating audio distractions. ...Why is he here again?
Knuckles Knock knock! Knuckles, being rougher than the rest of them, will enter your office and try to break a circuit box on the wall. You need to click Knuckles to stop him from breaking the box. Otherwise, the power will drain quicker for the remainder of the night. Oh no!
Granddy Dadbear There will be a Freddy figurine on the desk. If you spot it changing colors, click on it to revert it back to normal. Otherwise, it'll turn into Granddy Dadbear and end your run with a (ridiculous) jumpscare. If Granddy Dadbear isn't active, the Freddy figurine will not appear.
Sans and Papyrus Occasionally, you may see Papyrus hanging out in either of the vents. If a controlled shock is administered on the same camera as Papyrus, Sans will become active. There's no way to stop Sans from entering your office, nor is there a way to tell when he's going to come in. All you can be sure of is that once he enters the office, you're gonna have a bad time. If Sans is activated, a music box version of Megalovania will play until the night is complete or the player is killed.
Gary Making his FNaF Fanon debut, Gary will keep to himself in Spare Closet 2. If you hear him crying, visit that camera and offer him food, water, or maybe just a virtual hug, depending on what he's upset about. Nothing necessary bad will happen if you ignore him, but properly comforting him may result in him appearing in your office to offer some help. Gary's rewards are as follows:

  • +3% power
  • Oxygen restoration
  • Protecting one entrance for a short time
O Face The OG of the FazbearFreak universe. If you hear chugging, quickly put on the Freddy mask until it fades away. If you fail to do this, O Face will enter your office and kill you.
Freaky Fan Even the Fan is against you. If you hear its blades spinning faster than usual, just click on it to make it calm down. Otherwise, you'll find out what Phone Dude meant by "watch the fingers". The Freaky Fan's appearance will change depending on if the Golden Fan is active or not.

One Night at Flumpty's.

Image Character Description Notes
Flumpty Bumpty Flumpty starts at Parts & Services, he will take off his face before looking at the camera making the hole camera system to stop working, then, it will only be a matter of time before Flumpty jumpscare you, Flumpty can be evaided by using a Control Shock when he haves his face off. Only when Flumpty it's active, a shock in the Parts & Services room it's enabled.
Birthday Boy Blam Birthday Boy Blam it's always waiting outside the left door. To get rid of him double click the "Let's Party" Banner, this will make Birthday Boy Blam to go to another room, if not, BBB will enter the office and jumpscare us.
Grunkfuss the Clown Grunkfuss appears in a hole of the wall, he haves three phases, during the night he goes onto a new phase, if he reaches the third one, quickly double click his noise, this will make him go.
The Beaver The Beaver starts in the restrooms, when he's out of toilet paper, he may run through the left hall or the right hall, when that happen quickly close the door (depending of the hallway, close a different door)
Golden Flumpty Golden Flumpty ramdomly appears at the office, put up the monitor and he will just flee, otherwhise he will crash you're game.
Eyesaur Eyesaur's eyes can be seen at the container in the back alley, his eyes will increase of number, when the number reach the ciphers 78, Eyesaur then will disable all of the mechanics in the game, making you defenseless. Eyesaur's eyes can not been seen if Eyesaur isn't active
The Owl The Owl starts at the women's bathroom, then, ramdomly he/she will fly to the office by using the right or left vents, close them and he/she will flee, otherwhise The Owl will kill you.

Disaster19 Dummies.


Character Description Notes
Neville Neville will make his way to the office through the right hallway. He can walk through walks so doors don't work with him .The unic way to make him go it's to put on the mask. This will fool him.
Pork-ing Pork-ing starts at the Nightmare Storage, he can make his way to the office entering the left door or the two conduits. To make him go, give him a good control shock.
Showtime Baby Showtime Baby starts at the Left Party Room, she'll make her way towards the office by entering the right conduit. When entering you'll hear a quick giggle, close the vent or Showtime Baby will kill you

Non-Zomboss's Zany & Wacky Funhouse

Image Character Description Notes
Fluffy Fundog Fluffy starts at the Dining Area, and will make his way to the office through the left hallway. Closing the door will keep him out, but he will not leave unless you click his belly three times. If you do not click his belly the required number of times within a small time period, he'll kill you
The Blackat The Blackat starts in the alleyway, but doesn't appear on cameras. She'll make the lights flicker when she is close to the office. If you don't send a controlled shock, the lights will go out and she will kill you
Blank Leo A loud, screeching sound signals Blank Leo’s activity. If you see him on a camera, you must boop his nose and put the monitor down, and he won’t kill you.
Petrov the Panther If you hear the sound of claws scraping together, it means Petrov is ready to get into your office through the vents. Type WAKANDA on your keyboard, and he’ll go away. Get it? Because... Wakanda... Panther. (i
BipBop If you see a BipBop's face blocking a camera, you have to switch to another camera quickly, or else multiple of them will teleport into your office, and give you a little sunrise when you put the monitor down.
DeathTrap DeathTrap doesn't appear on camera, but you can track his location by checking a trail of blood that he leaves behind. He'll go through the vent, and you have to send a controlled shock to send him away
T.H.A.T. If you see T.H.A.T. in the doorway, close the door immediately, or else he will enter your office, drain your oxygen, and kill your shortly after
Sammy the Snake Sammy starts in the supply closet, and will quickly rush through the vent. Simply send a controlled shock to ward him off
Hoppy Hare Hoppy moves very quickly, and if you close a door on him, he’ll quickly run over to the other one. You‘ll need to shine him with your flashlight a couple of times if you want him to go away
Dominic the Dog Dominic will come to your office only when the door is closed and start pounding on it. This creates an audio disruption, and will not stop until you open the door. Chances are, you closed the door to keep someone out, so opening the door creates quite a predicament. You’ll just have to bear with the disruptions until you’re able to close the door
Mustard & Ketchup
EXM 01 If you hear loud, banging footsteps, it means EXM 01 is outside your doorway. Closing the door is ineffective; you have to press a button on your monitor to manually disable him. If you close the door on him, he’ll break it down, and it’ll stay broken and unusable for the rest of the night. If EXM 01 is not active,the

button on the monitor will not be there

The Insane Puppet If your oxygen is low enough, a present box will appear in your office. The box will open a bit every time you put your monitor up. If you put it up for too long, the Insane Puppet will kill you.

The Wobblebobble Show w/ His Majesty Caelywobbles

Image Character Description Notes
Tom and Dom Will move around separately but always end up in your office at the same time, one at each door. To avoid them, simply seal both doors. Otherwise, they will enter your office, reunite and start having casual conversation with each other, creating audio distractions. The two are both voiced by PJ Heywood, are portrayed as very posh British entrepreneurs.
Daniel Is training for the Olympics and can be seen running throughout the whole building on the cameras. If he passes through your office, however, quickly duck out of view by opening your camera tablet or he will nick it as he passes by.
Dylan Will spawn in the ventilation system, unable to find his way out. If you let him stay in there, he will begin to create audio distractions (e.g. banging in the vents, complaining). To stop him from doing this, you must use a controlled shock in either the left or right vent to lure him there so he can escape. However, you must then quickly equip the Freddy mask until he escapes the vents and passes through your office to prevent him from seeing you and being scared back into the vents again. He is voiced by Kellen Goff, and portayed as a grumpy senior who complains about almost everything.
Dr. Smileyface Will start in the corner of your office. Once per night, you can request for him to either max out your oxygen, max out your power or send away all nearby animatronics. However, this comes with a price: he will jumpscare you, leaving you paralyzed temporarily. He is voiced by Chris McCullough, and portrayed as a very kind, caring person with a heart of gold... until he's finished his job for you. That's when his voice switches to that of an insane serial killer, his eyes turning bloodshot as he says, "Now you must pay your price" and jumpscares you.
The Masked One Will block the view of EVERYTHING, trying desperately to get you to see his beautiful face. If he's blocking the view of cameras, just ignore that camera and he'll eventually give up and leave. If he gets into your office (no way to stop him from entering) and blocks YOUR view, stay completely still. If you move, he'll think you don't care about his appearance and will kill you.
Trainwreck Trainwreck has finally lost it and has transformed into a savage beast. He will roam through the building; you must watch him on the cameras to see when he charges to your office. Once he does, you must quickly seal the door depending on which side of the building you saw him charging from. However, on his way, he will tackle down animatronics in his path, stunning them temporarily. You can hear him growling and making strange animal-like noises occasionally.
SOUL Will spawn at a random location in your office every time, starting off as an empty Tom head. Slowly, his white pupils will begin to fade into view. You must simply find him and hold down on him to make his pupils fade out again. If he reaches his final form successfully, he will teleport onto your desk and create VERY LOUD audio distractions, usually mashups of random memes. Just before he spawns on your desk, a warning will appear on the player's screen to tell them to take off their headphones if they are wearing any.
HIM Keep your eyes peeled on every camera. If you see his white pupils lurking in the shadows, quickly switch camera or pull down your camera tablet to prevent him from jumping out your monitor and scaring you, restarting the night.

Slogan2's Characters

Image Name Description Notes
Rick Rick was an experiment created by Afton, and Afton's First ever creation.

He will randomly dangle down from the ceiling, and you would have to double-click on him to make him fall down, or else he will make a LARGE audio distraction by either bragging or telling a fake story about himself and his imaginary girlfriend "Michelle."


You will hear a faint "Here I go!" and then a whooshing sound whenever Rick is about to dangle down. That is your only warning. He will also blend into the office by pretending to be a decoration so you have to pay careful attention if you want to spot him and get rid of him.
Gary the Gadget Guy He will randomly appear on your monitor without warning, and he will try to send you an E-Mail. Quickly close out of the E-Mail tab before he sends it, because when he does, it makes an extremely loud "YOU GOT MAIL" sound, and it locks your monitor for some time. When you try to open the monitor when locked, Gary will say "Hey! Don't be rude!", and he will drain 1% power.
Destructo He is a scrapped experiment made by Afton.

He will appear in the Nightmare Storage inside of a box in the corner of the room that says "Spare Parts." He will try to crawl out, and the only way to prevent him is by lowering the temperature. If he gets out of his box, you're dead, as doors cannot stop him.

When he kills you, instead of saying something, an orange pair of eyes will appear over the "Game Over" text.
Dark Gauntlet
Dark Gauntlet

(My Sonic OC)

He will slowly materialize in your office. The only way to get rid of him is to crank up the heat. Shining your flashlight will make him go faster. If he fully materializes, he will kill you, or very rarely half your power (Ex. your power is at 100%, he jump-scares, and now it is at 50%). If you want to learn more about Gauntlet as a Sonic OC, click here.
Virtual R.O.B
The Virtual Boy Yep. The console got tired of being hated on, so it came to life, and is now tracking down its biggest hater... who happens to be the night-guard. He will randomly appear under the desk, and you have about 3 seconds to click on it before everything temporarily (About 30 seconds) turns red and black, and it gets more blurry every few seconds because of the guard getting a terrible headache. He also has a 10 percent chance of killing you too, which increases the lower your oxygen gets. His "Game Over" quote is in Morse code, which when translated says: "What were you thinking? Did you think I held some piece of important lore? Well I did not, so I guess you wasted your time. Bravo. Clap. Clap."
Giegue Giegue will slowly start to fall from the ceiling. In order to keep him at bay, you have to change the song on the Music Box to "The Eight Melodies" and Wind it Up. If he gets all the way down, he will turn into Giygas, blinding you for the rest of the night. He will occasionally jump-scare the player in his Giygas form. This is just a distraction, as it won't kill you. He will also whisper stuff like "help.. me..." or "Ness..." in his Giygas form.
Foxy (TheHottestDog) Foxy will sit in the Supply Room on his laptop, watching inappropriate videos making the power drain, and making loud audio distractions by munching on his bag of BARBECUE FLAVER TAVER CHEPS. To stop him, turn out the power in the supply room, but don't keep it off for too long or he will become angry and kill you. If Jenny is enabled and wakes up, she will attack Foxy (THD), thus deactivating him.

If Foxy (THD) Comes across any other Foxy, he will stop to think for a moment.

(NO PICTURE AVAILABLE) Jenny, the Teenager Robot Girl Jenny will be deactivated in the storage room with Foxy (THD), and she will slowly charge up. You will have to blow out her power box to prevent her from charging up, but it will fix itself after a few seconds. If she is fully charged, she will wake up and attack Foxy (THD), making a VERY LOUD audio distraction. The plus to this though is that Foxy (THD) is now dead, and he is disabled for the rest of the night. If Foxy (THD) is disabled, Jenny will automatically be disabled for the rest of the night.
Star Dream
Star-Dream Star-Dream will appear in the Alleyway, in the trash. If she wakes up, she will make her way to the back-stage, and try to electrocute the Power Box, cutting your power in half. To prevent her from doing this, give her a controlled shock. When shocked, she will go back two rooms and be deactivated for a minute. When she moves, you will hear a faint giggle.

If Rick is in the room telling a story, Star-Dream will stop to eavesdrop and listen to the story.

SIN Sin will randomly appear and rapidly drain your power. Quickly pull up your monitor. If you do so, you gain 10% power.

(If you lost 50% power and stopped him, you would be at 60%.)

He will say garbled speech while in the office. When decoded, it sounds like a man's pleas for help.
Arcade Bunny
Arcade Bunny He will pop out from under your desk, and ask you if you want to buy something with Faz-Coins. All of the stuff is useful, but if you say no, he will screech in anger, causing an audio distraction, and then disappear for the rest of the night. If you do buy something from him, he will say "Thanks!" then leave. He will return the next hour.
Sniper Joe Sells Garbage
Sniper Joe Sniper Joe will sometimes appear in the Alleyway, and sell useful stuff. But if you don't buy anything by 3am, he will slowly go to your office. Get rid of him by closing the door he is at. If he makes it, he will either jumpscare or obscure your view. If you get jumpscared by him, the Game Over text becomes green.

Lord Bowser's Squad

Image Name Description Notes
Tyrannosaurus Rex (aka Rex The Tyrannosaurus) The tyrant lizard returns... You'll randomly hear Rex's roar from a distance, signaling his arrival. While coming to you, he will make various roars and growls, which will be getting louder and louder. Quickly close either left or right door and use audio decoy on other camera, to lure him away and even make him fight with Spino, if theirs' paths cross. Rex's and Spino's fight lets you keep them away from your office and they, for a short period of time, will ignore you.
Spino The Spinosaurus Spino is quite aggressive. He quickly goes from room to room. Audio decoy will not always work on him. When he's at the doorway (left or right), quickly close the door. You can lure him (if he fools for the decoy) to the same room, in which there's Rex, making them fight. Rex's and Spino's fight lets you keep them away from your office and they, for a short period of time, will ignore you.
Bartia The Baryonyx Bartia is like a crocodile. Silent, and specializing in fast and painful clamping of jaws on the victim. She will come from the vent behind you. In front of the vent will stand three heater-like racks. When she arrives, press L, to activate heaters. That will make her go away. Her mechanic is a reference to the scene in "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom".
Ray The Velociraptor The most aggressive from the original four, Ray is a very dangerous animatronic. Not always, but he often runs throughout the rooms, to get you. Quickly close the doors on the side, from which he comes. He is very intelligent, so audio lure will not work on him. He may occasionally cross the paths with a random character. He acts aggressively towards any character in ONoE, making him stop them for a short period of time.
Twisted Indoraptor They don't call him 'Ripper' or 'Butcher' for no reason... Now you have probably the most dangerous creature, that ever walked the earth added to your night, that you need to deal with. This animatronic is not only very intelligent, but also very fast and very aggressive. He'll run to either left or right door. Close it as soon as possible. But Twisted Indoraptor doesn't go away so quick. He can wait behind the doors for a short period of time, or maybe even the entire night, which results in loss of your power.
Axel Foley Hey! The legendary Beverly Hills Cop is back! Axel will come from right side. When he appears in the doorway, you need to quickly search cameras for communicator-like thing. Click it as soon as possible and a dot on it will start glowing red. This will cause Axel to go to the camera, on which there's earlier mentioned device. Failing to do will result in him shooting you. His jumpscare is him screaming for literally a second, and then shooting you with his pistol. After the jumpscare he'll laugh.


Image Name Description Notes
Popgoes & Blackrabbit Popgoes starts the night on Spare Stage 1. After leaving the Stage, he will walk between the 3D Printer in the Parts & Services Room and the office. In Parts & Services, he will pick up a part of the Blackrabbit (Right Leg, Left Leg, Torso, Right Arm, Left Arm, or Head, in that order) and carry it to the office. Give him a Controlled Shock once he's in the Right Hall, and the piece will fall apart, causing Popgoes to go print a replacement. If all six pieces end up in your office, the Blackrabbit will end your run with a jumpscare.
Stone the Crow Stone will randomly appear in any of your camera feeds, holding a sign with an intimidating message. This disables everything that can be accessed from that camera until you click over to a different camera.
Sara the Squirrel Sara starts on Spare Stage 1. She will go to the Right Vent and attempt to get in. Once she reaches the vent blindspot, shine the light on her until she goes away, or she will drain 15% Power. After being repelled or draining the power, she returns to Spare Stage 1.
Saffron the Squirrel Saffron starts on Spare Stage 1. She will go to the Left Vent and attempt to get in. Once she reaches the vent blindspot, shine the light on her until she goes away, or she will drain 15% Power. After being repelled or draining the power, she returns to Spare Stage 1.
Blake the Badger Blake sits around in the Parts and Services Room, trying to remotely interrupt your camera feed. When he succeeds, the monitor will flash a sequence of solid colors before going black. The player must then reboot their monitor by pressing the colored buttons on their desk in the same order that they flashed on the monitor. If Blake disables the monitor while the player isn't looking at the cameras, the sequence will flash as soon as the player pulls up the monitor again.
SEC-Strings SEC-Strings is inside of the player's office at all times, awaiting the player's commands. The player can tell SEC-Strings to monitor a room once every hour, causing all Animatronics currently in that room to act like the player is watching them. After an amount of time, SEC-Strings will turn off its monitor, then need to recharge for the rest of the hour. The amount of time before deactivating is dictated by its AI Level (Higher AI = Less Time).
Simon Simon is chained to the wall in the player's office, inactive. When he activates, his eyes will glow a color and his head will slowly rise to look at the player. To deactivate him, the player must press the corresponding colored button on their desk. If the player does not do this quickly, Simon will break free and attack. And believe me, it won't be pretty.

Shadow's Crew

Image Name Description Notes
Paul the Penguin The dancing penguin is back for the show! He'll start in Spare Stage 2, making his way through Spare Room 2 and Left Hall, but the catch is, he's hiding and the only way to know he's in a room is through listening for faint tap dancing. Fail to notice it and he'll dance his way into your office.
Peter Polar This amateur pianist will be inside your office playing his piano, causing an audio disturbance. You can make him stop by clicking on him, but he will start playing again after a while. Watch out if he plays a more tense tune, he'll be in a bad mood and clicking on him before waiting a few seconds will make him go all out, jumpscaring you.
Thomas Tiger Rejected and forgotten, this grumpy old tiger will be deactivated in the Backstage, occasionally going for a walk around the Left or Right Hall. Catching him on either will anger the tiger to the point of making that hall's respective door unusable for a short period of time. If you catch him in the same hall while the door is still in its unusable state, he will not shy away from taking a bite and ending your run. Tom looks a little different from usual, having his costume all tattered and missing half of his face, exposing his endo head.
Aster the Armadillo After his old job at the park's arcade flopped he decided to become an indie game dev. He will stay at the Game Area loading a game on his laptop, which you can stop by clicking "shut off laptop" when at the camera, making him have to restart the whole thing. If the game loads one of four minigames will appear on the screen and will stay there till you finish them. The four minigames in question being: Plook's Quest, Funroad, Dragon and Old West.
The Trickster Having the chance, he will host one of his famous trick shows at either the Left or Right Party Room or the Dining Area. Not able to attend it in time? No worry! He'll perform a magic trick inside your office, you'll not pay attention to anything else till he's done and you'll like it!
Silver the Spider This piece of scrap will stay at Parts/Services as long as you keep a watch on it. Fail to do so whoever, all your cameras will be deactivated for about 10 seconds. He's missing all of his costume, being practically only an endoskeleton.
LHBgZdL Occasionally, glitchy and distorted models of Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy will appear while you use the cameras 'Vgdqd zl H?'


FRAVIUM /wThe "FNaF 8 Wannabes" ===

Captain Funtime He will sit the whole night in his closet, waiting for you to stop watching him. When you will watch him for too few time, he will come in your room and happily jumpscare you.
Crewmate Bernie The best lion in the pirate world is reaching for you, waiting until 2 AM to strike. Remember to close the left door!
Sailor Nemo This fella is more relaxed, and he will wait until 4 AM to strike. Close the right door to prevent his jumpscare.
The FazPuppet Inside the Parts/Service room there is a hidden music box. Find it, wind it and keep it going. Otherwise, the FazPuppet will break into your vents and join the Ventcrawlers for the whole night.
Pirate Chica Holding her cupcake in her birdie bird claws, this parrot will fly into your room. Don't click it! It makes the noises of Rockstar Foxy's, but it contains a very unpleasant surprise.
Shriveled Spring Bonnie He is a VERY VERY angry boy. Make him rest or he will definitely try to reach for you. He is in the office, so a flashlight flash will wake him up. Don't flash it nearby.
Relic Fredbear Sitting lifelessly in the closet, he will cause you allucinations and make weird noises. To ward him off, active the Global Music Box.
Deathtrap When he appears in your office, you have a split second to flash him, or he will jumpscare you.

Tjoc (The Joy of Creation)

Ignited Freddy When he appears in either Party Room, flash him and close both hall doors quickly. If your not quick enough to flash the light when he appears, or too slow at the doors. Well it's time to die.
Ignited Bonnie If he appears on one of the cameras and you don't switch camera or turn it off quick enough. He will disable the camera for a whole hour.
Ignited Chica Randomly appears in the office. Once she appears, you need to find and flash 3 Cupcakes hidden in the camera system. If you take too long she will end your run.
Ignited Foxy Appears in the Left or Right hall. If you watch him for long enough he will disappear with a scream. Take too long? He will make you scream.
Ignited Golden Freddy A little helpful this guy. If he appears on a camera, click him for 5% extra power. However, at a risk. He may take 5% of your power instead. As he is flashed, a fire begins to burn and get closer to the officer , flashing him a twelfth time would kill you.
Endo B Angel Starts in the Alleyway and quickly makes his way towards you. Watching him would keep him in place for as long as you watch him. Once he is at the right door, close it or he will kill you the moment you rise the camera. He will not appear by light and must be seen on camera.
Endo C Mouth Starts in the Alleyway and quickly makes her way towards you. Watching her would keep her in place for as long as you watch her. Once she is at the left door, close it or she will kill you the moment you rise the camera. She will not appear by light and must be seen on camera.
Endo R


When you begin to hear some heavy footsteps from the right, it might be a good time to close the door. Unless of course you want to die.



A red light getting closer from the left door? Close it I suggest. Unless you want an end to what could of been a good run.
Creation Begins in parts and service, staring at the camera. Flash him to make him sit back down. If not flashed he would move to the next room: The Game Area and begins inactive before staring at the Camera again. Repeat this cycle for Left or Right Party Room then the hall before he goes for a kill.
Ignited Springtrap Begins in the Safe room and proceeds to make his way to one of the Party rooms to the vent. Watch him and once he is behind you, put the mask on. Turned out becoming Ignited failed his sensors, huh.

you can use

a huge array of animatronics to select from. You may only select a maximum of 25 characters and their AI can be customised from 0 to 20, like in Five Nights at Freddy's 1 and 2. The preset mechanic returns from Five Nights at Freddy's 2 and Sister Location too. After completing a night, you're rewarded money depending on the added total of all the animatronics AI. For example, stand-alone Freddy on 20 will give you $20. All of the FNaF1 cast on 20 will give you $120. This money can be used in the shops.

In-game Mechanics

  • Camera
    • The traditional camera reappears in this game. It can view nearly every room except the Safe Room, Funtime Bunker and Nightmare Storage.
    • Control shocks can be sent through certain rooms. These being the two vents and Right Hall.
  • Doors
    • The Doors from Five Nights at Freddy's 1 return. They can be shut and opened.
    • The doors run on an independent power source. If no doors are closed, the power refills itself but if any door is closed, it'll drain.
  • Vents
    • The Vents from Five Nights at Freddy's 2 return and act exactly as they did.
  • Flashlight
    • The flashlight returns and acts exactly as it did in Five Nights at Freddy's 2.
  • Freddy Mask
    • The Freddy Mask returns from Five Nights at Freddy's 2. If you wear it, your oxygen meter will go down, but it can ward off animatronics.
  • Oxygen Meter
    • Oxygen is a key component in this game. It starts at 100% at the start of the night. Using the mask, being jumpscared by a Phantom or if the oxygen machine is tampered with will cause it to drain. The lower the oxygen, the more prone you are to Hallucinogen Animatronics.
    • Adventure Endo-01s, Minireenas, Springtrap can tamper with the Oxygen Machine found in the Right Hall. Minireenas will stay there until being zapped by a control shock.
    • Hallucinogen Animatronics include: Golden Freddy (and Withered), the Shadow animatronics, the Phantoms, the Nightmares, Yenndo and Lolbit.
  • XOR Repellent
    • This can only be used once per night. Whenever XOR is about to appear, quickly click on her before she finishes her song to get her to go away. She will however reappear in an hour. (If you used it on her at 2am, she would reappear at 3am.)
  • Colored Buttons
  • A set of Five Flashy, Multicolored Buttons. They are used to fix the monitor and repel Simon.


Item Description Price
Kids Drawing An infinite supply of kids drawings. $10
90s Celebrate Poster A poster of Freddy, Bonnie and Chica from the 90s! $50
'87 Celebrate Poster A poster of Freddy, Bonnie and Chica from 1987! $50
Misfit Poster A poster of Mangle, Balloon Boy and the Puppet! $50
Music Box Just what it sounds like. Click on it to change it between OFF, Toreador, Pop Goes the Weasel, and Crumbling Dreams. Complete Fazbear Fever to unlock a version of "Five Nights at Freddy's" by the Living Tombstone. $50
Fazbear Fright Posters Some posters salvaged from Fazbear Fright. $50
Sister Location Poster A mysterious poster with Circus Baby on it. $50
Broken Family Poster A strange poster with a strange portrayal. $50
Fazbear Tophat Freddy's top hat, passed down through generations and never tattered! $75
Electric Guitar A refined Bonnie staple, the red Electric Guitar. $75
The Cupcake The iconic cupcake held by Chica herself. $75
Pirate Hook A real Pirate shows his appreciation by having the captain's hook. $75
Microphone A simple microphone that one must bear. $75
Purple Tophat An odd purple tophat... you remember it from somewhere.... $80
Halloween Jack-O-Lantern For that Halloween spirit, huh. $90
Freddy Plush A plush of Freddy Fazbear! $100
Bonnie Plush A plush of Bonnie the Rabbit! $100
Chica Plush A plush of Chica the Chicken, cupcake too! $100
Foxy Plush A plush of Foxy the Pirate Fox! $100
Mangle Plush A plush of the vixen, Mangle! $100
BB Plush A plush/figurine of Balloon Boy! $100
JJ Plush A plush/figurine of JJ! $150
Toy Bonnie Figure A figurine of Toy Bonnie. $150
Funtime Freddy Plush A plush of Funtime Freddy and Bon-bon! $150
Golden Freddy Plush A plush of Golden Freddy! $200
Fredbear Plush A plush of Fredbear! Basically just a recolored Golden Freddy. $200
Spring Bonnie Plush A plush of Spring Bonnie! $200
Shadow Freddy Plush A plush of Shadow Freddy! $200
Metal Freddy Plush A plush of Metal Freddy! $200
Ennard Mask A mask of god knows who. $250
Little Figurines Tiny figurines of Freddy, Bonnie and Chica. $250
Discount Ball Pit A pizzeria staple. We didn't say it was safe. $300
Lemonade Clown What? He was cheaper than Fruit Punch Clown. $390
Prize King Swolethon. $400
Let's Party Banner Wanna party! (I promise, it won't attract chickens.) $450
Freddy Stand A salvaged stand of Classic Freddy. $500
Bonnie Stand A salvaged stand of Classic Bonnie. $500
Chica Head A salvaged head of Classic Chica. $500
Foxy Stand A salvaged head of Classic Foxy. $500
Box of Toys What can you use? There's a box of toy animatronic parts. $750
Pickles Caution: Might have something lurking inside. $800
Exotic Butters Perfect with Eggs Benedict. $1000
MOTHERTM Have fun with this copy of the game MOTHER! It will show footage of the famous RPG on one of the monitors. $1000
Rick Plushie You seem to really like his fake girlfriend stories... That or you like having your frontal lobe being bitten off. $1337
Arcade Bunny Plush He's so adorable! Too bad he is so annoying... $1500
Gary the Gadget Guy Plushie Remember back when Club Penguin used to exist? Good times... $2000
Golden Fan Watch the fingers. It bites. $3500
Gold Freddy Trophy A Freddy Trophy made of Solid Gold. Not to be confused with a trophy of Golden Freddy. Beat "Ready for Freddy?"
Golden Freddy Trophy A trophy of Golden Freddy. Not to be confused with a Freddy Trophy made of Solid Gold. Beat Ready for Freddy?, then buy it for $1987.
Golden Bonnie Trophy A Bonnie Trophy made of Solid Gold. It seems to be missing something...maybe a pair of maracas? Beat "Down the Rabbit Hole"
Golden Chica Trophy A Chica Trophy made of Solid Gold. After all, you can't forget everyone's favorite animatronic...Mr. Cupcake! Beat "Chicken Run"
Golden Foxy Trophy A Foxy Trophy made of Solid Gold. Don't let it scare you. Beat "Foxy Foxy"
Shadow Dee Dee Plush uh oh, how unfortunate Beat "Cupcake Challenge"
Shadow Bonnie Plush RXQWSAFSKAXC Beat "Fazbear Fever"
Shadow Freddy Plush hehe Beat "Golden Freddy"
Mysterious Key Ǎ̸͕l̶͎̀ľ̵̘ ̷̖̏a̸̭̾ć̷͜t̶̤͌i̵̛̺o̶̗͠n̵̩͗s̶̺̈́ ̴̨́h̸̦͛a̵̧̿v̶̢̐ė̸ͅ ̴͍͊c̶̡͠ȯ̶̞n̴̰̽ŝ̶̮ẻ̷̗q̸̯̓ü̵̲e̷̘̚n̵͕̔c̵̛͇e̶̹̍s̸̗͊ $9999
Golden Virtual Boy "

-.. .. -.. / -.-- --- ..- / .-. . .- .-.. .-.. -.-- / - .... .. -. -.- / .- / --. .-.. --- .-. .. --- ..- ... / --. --- .-.. -.. . -. / ... - .- - ..- . / --- ..-. / -- . / .-- .. .-.. .-.. / ... - --- .--. / -- . ..--.. / -.-- --- ..- / .-- . .-. . / .-- .-. --- -. --. .-.-.- / -.-- --- ..- / ... - .. .-.. .-.. / .... .- - . / -- . --..-- / .- -. -.. / .. / -.- -. --- .-- / .. - " (I'm afraid that you will have to translate yourself.)

Unlocked when beating Hell Mode, is only $5
??? G̷͔͕̓̉̄̑s̴͕͖̹̆̍͘f̵͙͚̋̍͘ẹ̸̡͙̮̓͒̕c̶̣͎͋̈́̌f̷̢̠͈͔̍ḅ̸̮̝͋s̵͇̼̍̇̾͑'̷̨͓͓̏̈́̈͒t̵͚̺̗̿̌̀ ̴̢̻̬͌̒͊G̸͈̑͐b̵͖̎n̷̩̙͙͠j̸̺̣̳̞͘͝m̶̯̝̙̀͠z̴̞̞̲̦̈́̍͗ ̵͇̊͠E̶͉̹̓̈́̓͝j̴̲̼͚̀o̸̯͈̎̔̾͒͜f̸̞͉̥̎s̴͇͚̪̭͠:̷̙̝̗̃̽̊ ̴̤̯͍͔͌͗X̵͇̀ī̴̡͈͇̑̌̊f̸͉̒̃̋͗s̷̺̹͚̬͑̌̿f̵͍̾̏̈́ ̵͙̄̒͗̆G̸̡͍̘͐b̵̢͙͚̟̀̀̂̚o̶̡͉̜͌̍̈́u̷̚ͅb̸͚̱̼͍̿t̵̻̻͇̓̉z̸̺̥̓̔̚͝ ̶̛̖̯̀̈́̽b̶̲̹̺͌͝ȍ̴͇͇̻͎̀̄͠ë̵̛̝̗̌̈́ ̴͓͝Ǵ̵̙͑v̴̪̙̬̿o̸̺͗ ̷̻́͐D̸̖̠̰̏̇p̸̻̻̝̮̿̈́n̸̘̄ͅf̶̗͆̓̀ ̴̰̲̮̈́̔̈́ͅü̷̱̲̪̇͋͝p̸̛̫̰̍͂̎ ̴͎̔M̷̯͂̉̌͘j̶̡̻̓g̶͎̯̦͈̀͐̏f̶̭̫̳̼̓͊ Since 1983 Unlocked when beating every challenge, including Hell Mode.
Thank you! Poster Thank you for playing! Come again soon! 100% The Game. Find every secret, unlock every item, get $99999, and beat all of the challenges.


Preset Name Characters Notes
Are you ready?
  • Freddy - 20
  • Bonnie - 20
  • Chica - 20
  • Foxy - 20
  • Golden Freddy - 20
  • Endo-01 - 20
FNaF1 animatronics.
New and Improved!
  • Toy Freddy - 20
  • Toy Bonnie - 20
  • Toy Chica - 20
  • Mangle - 20
  • Balloon Boy - 20
  • JJ - 20
  • The Puppet - 20
Toy FNaF2 animatronics.
Something Old
  • Withered Freddy - 20
  • Withered Bonnie - 20
  • Withered Chica - 20
  • Withered Foxy - 20
  • Withered Golden Freddy - 20
  • Endo-02 - 20
  • Shadow Freddy - 20
Withered FNaF2 animatronics.
Fright Night
  • Springtrap - 20
  • Phantom Freddy - 20
  • Phantom Chica - 20
  • Phantom Foxy - 20
  • Phantom Mangle - 20
  • Phantom BB - 20
  • Phantom Puppet - 20
FNaF3 animatronics.
Sweet Nightmares
  • Nightmare Freddy - 20
  • Nightmare Bonnie - 20
  • Nightmare Chica - 20
  • Nightmare Foxy - 20
  • Plushtrap - 20
  • Nightmare Fredbear - 20
  • Nightmare - 20
FNaF4 animatronics.
Trick or Treat
  • Nightmare Freddy - 10
  • Jack-O-Bonnie - 20
  • Jack-O-Chica - 20
  • Nightmare Mangle - 20
  • Nightmare BB - 20
  • Nightmarionne - 20
FNaF4 animatronics from the Halloween Update.
Entertainment & Rental
  • Baby - 20
  • Bidybabs - 20
  • Ballora - 20
  • Minireenas - 20
  • Funtime Freddy - 20
  • Funtime Foxy - 20
  • Ennard - 20
FNaFSL animatronics.
Private Room Trials
  • Bidybabs - 20
  • Electrobab - 20
  • Ballora - 20
  • Minireenas - 20
  • Funtime Freddy - 20
  • Funtime Foxy - 20
  • Lolbit - 20
  • Yenndo - 20
  • Bonnet - 20
FNaFSL Custom Night animatronics.
Salvage What You Can.
  • Scrap Baby - 20
  • William Afton - 20
  • Lefty - 20
  • Molten Freddy - 20
FFPS main animatronics.
Bottom of the Barrel
  • Pan Stan - 20
  • Bucket Bob - 20
  • Mr. Hugs - 20
  • No. 1 Crate - 20
  • Mr. Can-do -20
  • Happy Frog - 20
  • Nedd Bear - 20
  • Pigpatch - 20
  • Mr. Hippo - 20
  • Orville Elephant - 20
Trash and the Gang and Mediocre Melodies.
Finest Quality
  • Rockstar Freddy - 20
  • Rockstar Bonnie - 20
  • Rockstar Chica - 20
  • Rockstar Foxy - 20
  • Funtime Chica - 20
  • El Chip - 20
  • Music Man - 20
  • Security Puppet
  • Candy Cadet - 20
Rockstars Assemble and Posh Pizzeria.
Animatronica Returns!
  • Adventure Endo-01 - 20
  • Adventure Fredbear - 20
  • Endoplush - 20
  • Deedee - 20
  • Mendo - 20
  • Old Man Consequences - 20
  • Lolbit - 10
FNaF World animatronics.
Stay Freaky!
  • Grand Dad - 20
  • Steve - 20
  • Red, Chuck, and Bomb - 20
  • Scratch Cat - 20
  • Knuckles - 20
  • Granddy Dadbear - 20
  • Sans and Papyrus - 20
  • Gary - 20
  • O Face - 20
  • Freaky Fan - 20
  • Freddy Fazbear - 20
  • Withered Freddy - 20
  • Springtrap - 20
  • Nightmare Freddy - 20
  • Funtime Freddy - 20
  • Helpy - 20
FazbearFreak's Finest, as well as Faz's favorite character from each Freddy's game.
Lincoln's Lads
  • Freddy-5
  • Bonnie-15
  • Toy Freddy-20
  • Toy Bonnie-20
  • Mangle-20
  • Withered Freddy-16
  • Marionnette-15
  • JJ-20
  • Endo02-20
  • Springtrap-1
  • Nightmare Freddy-20
  • Nightmare Chica-14
  • Plushtrap-20
  • Nightmare Fredbear-12
  • Endoplush-20
  • DeeDee-20
  • Funtime Freddy-14
  • Lolbit-20
  • Bonnet-20
  • Rockstar Bonnie-20
  • Orville Elephant-20
  • Happy Frog-15
  • Music Man-20
  • Lefty-20
LincolnDisaster19's fauvorite characters
Ready for Freddy?
  • Freddy Fazbear- 20
  • Golden Freddy- 20
  • Toy Freddy- 20
  • Withered Freddy- 20
  • Withered Golden Freddy- 15
  • Shadow Freddy- 20
  • Phantom Freddy- 20
  • Nightmare Freddy- 20
  • Nightmare Fredbear- 20
  • Nightmare- 15
  • Adventure Fredbear- 10
  • Funtime Freddy and Bon-Bon- 15
  • Yenndo- 5
  • Molten Freddy- 20
  • Lefty- 10
  • Rockstar Freddy- 20
  • Fredbear- 20
  • Metal Freddy- 20
All Incarnations of Freddy/Fredbear
Down the Rabbit Hole
  • Bonnie- 20
  • Toy Bonnie- 20
  • Withered Bonnie- 20
  • Springtrap- 20
  • Nightmare Bonnie- 20
  • Funtime Freddy and Bon-Bon- 20
  • Bonnet- 20
  • William Afton- 20
  • Rockstar Bonnie- 20
All Incarnations of Bonnie/Springtrap
Chicken Run
  • Chica- 20
  • Toy Chica- 20
  • Withered Chica- 20
  • Phantom Chica- 20
  • Nightmare Chica- 20
  • Rockstar Chica- 20
  • Funtime Chica- 20
All Incarnations of Chica.
Foxy Foxy
  • Foxy- 20
  • Mangle- 20
  • Withered Foxy- 20
  • Phantom Foxy- 20
  • Nightmare Foxy- 20
  • Nightmare Mangle- 20
  • Funtime Foxy- 20
  • Lolbit- 20
  • Rockstar Foxy- 20
All Incarnations of Foxy/Mangle
Slogan2's Roster
  • Rick- 20
  • Gary (Gadget Guy)- 20
  • Destructo- 20
  • Dark Gauntlet- 20
  • Virtual Boy- 20
  • Giegue- 20
  • Foxy (THD)- 20
  • Jenny- 20
  • Star-Dream- 20
  • SIN- 20
  • Arcade Bunny- 20
  • Sniper Joe- 20
All of Slogan2's OC's.
Experiments Gone Wrong
  • Rick- 20
  • Gary (Gadget Guy)- 10
  • Destructo- 20
  • EXM 01- 20
  • The Insane Puppet- 20
  • Lefty- 20
  • Molten Freddy- 20
  • XOR- ???
  • All of the Nightmares- 20
  • Shadow Freddy- 15
  • Phone Guy- 10
  • SEC-Strings- 15
  • Simon- 8
  • Star-Dream- 12
  • SIN- 5
All of these are experiments made by William Afton, like the Nightmares and some of my/others OC's.
The Forgotten Ones
  • Withered Freddy- 20
  • Withered Bonnie- 20
  • Withered Chica- 20
  • Withered Foxy- 20
  • Withered Golden Freddy- 20
  • Springtrap- 20
  • Circus Baby- 20
  • Ballora- 20
  • Funtime Freddy and Bon-Bon- 20
  • Funtime Foxy- 20
  • Ennard- 20
  • Yenndo- 20
  • Scrap Baby- 20
  • Molten Freddy- 20
  • Scraptrap- 20
  • Lefty- 20
  • El Chip- 20
  • Grand Dad- 20
  • HIM- 20
  • Destructo- 20
  • The Virtual Boy- 20
  • Simon- 20
♎︎■︎♓︎⬥︎■︎◆︎ ●︎●︎♓︎⬥︎ ♏︎❒︎◆︎⧫︎❒︎□︎⧫︎ ⬧︎♓︎♒︎⧫︎ ●︎●︎♋︎
Cupcake Challenge
  • Everyone- 5
A Reference to the preset in FNaF2.
Fazbear Fever
  • Everyone- 10
Reference to the preset in FNaF2.
Golden Freddy
  • Everyone- 20
Good Luck!


  • Every animatronic that appeared in the canon Ultimate Custom Night makes an appearance here, along with a few extras.
    • Golden Freddy and Endo-01 are added from Five Nights at Freddy's 1.
    • Withered Freddy, Withered Foxy, Endo-02, Shadow Freddy and RWQFSFASXC are added from Five Nights at Freddy's 2.
    • Phantom Chica, Phantom Foxy and Phantom Puppet are added from Five Nights at Freddy's 3.
    • Jack-O-Bonnie, Nightmare Chica, Nightmare Foxy and Plushtrap are added from Five Nights at Freddy's 4.
    • More FNaF World reps are added, including the returning Adventure Endo-01 and also Adventure Fredbear, Endoplush, Deedee and Mendo.
    • Funtime Freddy, Bidybabs, Minireenas, Bonnet, Electrobab, Yenndo and Lolbit are added from Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location.
    • Trash and the Gang are separated into their own characters, and Security Puppet and the returning Candy Cadet is added from Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator.
  • The Shop mechanic returns from Factory Shift as a reward for beating nights and adding replay value.
  • The Oxygen mechanic was based on the scrapped Toxicity Meter from Five Nights at Freddy's 2, which was later reused in Five Nights at Toy Fazbear's.
  • In the Game Area there's three arcade cabinets. One labelled Deedee's Fishing World (where Deedee and Old Man Consequences appears), another labelled Chica's Party (where Phantom Chica appears) and another named Pizza Battle (as a reference to the game).
  • There is also another Deedee's Fishing World hidden in the far corner of the Nightmare Storage that is hard to see, but it is grey and beaten up. Clicking on it without the key will make a beeping noise, and then blue-screen before the game crashes. Clicking on it with the key will show a picture of XOR hanging herself using Deedee's fishing rod. Clicking it again will play a distorted voice clip of Old Man Consequence saying "All Actions have Consequences," and unlock a secret "Hell Mode" where everyone is set to 50 difficulty. This only works on "Golden Freddy" mode. This also restarts your night to prevent people from using it at the last minute.
  • The Shadow Plushies will rarely twitch or start to hover over your desk. Strange...
  • The ??? item is something that is HEAVILY related to the FNaF Lore, but nobody has beaten Every Challenge yet, so we don't know what it is...
    • It is rumored to be the chest but opened with Fredbear's head inside of it. Could also just be a troll item like the Golden Virtual Boy. We'll see...
    • It's also rumored to be a bunch of voice recordings recorded by William Afton himself...
    • Another persistent rumor says it's a bundle of Exotic Butters...
  • Rick will rarely tell one of Candy Cadet's stories, but with him in it, saving the day.
  • The Golden Bonnie Trophy lacks a Guitar, an odd design choice that is lampshaded by the item description.
  • If you click on Foxy (THD)'s nose, it will make him scream "BREKFEST, DAD'E"
  • When Nightmare Bonnie is about to attack, a sticky note with the Wi-Fi Password will inexplicably appear on the desk.
  • Sometimes when The Puppet is active, you can hear a really faint bass-boosted Ali-A theme in the background.
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