Some attributes
First Pizza/Animatronic
Second Male Suit
Third Prankster attitude
Other attributes
Fourth Pizza Chef
Fifth Often Ignored

Character Bio

Peppy is a fictional animatronic that was first appeared in Five Nights at Freddy's 4: The Game of Death. He has a shape of a pizza slice with pepperoni all over his body. He also has a pizza slicer that he grips in his hand, as he is the pizza maker. He also has a hat that looks like a pizza slice, although he does not always have this hat on.

Social Life

Like most of the characters, Peppy was an eleven-year-old boy named Luke that was stuffed in the suit. He serves food and is not favorited by many. He mostly asks people in the pizzeria questions like, "How is the food?" or, "Want more pizza?" When children make fun of him, he starts saying rude things, sometimes cussing. Peppy has gone missing from the pizzeria from time to time. It is unknown where he goes.

Game Play

During Game Play, he is not very active until the 3rd night. He spawns in the kitchen, unlike any other animatronics. From time to time, he is not found in the building, causing less problems. He only comes through the door, not being able to fit in the air vent. He will not be easy to get rid of, having to flash the lights a lot.


  • Luke was known for leaving home a lot, possibly being the reason why he leaves the building unexpectedly.
  • Although his body is big, he is extremely thin.
  • His name was originally Petey Pizza, later changed due to not being as original.