Pluto is an animatronic made by RandomzSunfish23901. His occupation is a body builder who sings in the dining areas.


Pluto is a red, buff platypus. He has a dark brown beak and tail, a red heart tattoo on his right arm, and wears blue ragged pants like the Hulk. He is heavier at the upper portion of his torso, forming muscles. Pluto is bigger than most animatronics, and is often known as the biggest animatronic.

In Five Knights at Freddy's, Pluto is known as Ogre Pluto. He's green with a brown loincloth. His tail is a dark green, instead of brown. His beak is still maroon, but he has horns next to his hair. When he doesn't have his endoskeleton eyes, he has red eyes.


Pluto starts in the dining area. While not active until later on, he is devastating when he activates. Throughout the night, he'll make heavy clanking noises when changing rooms. Rarely, he'll cover up a camera with the upper half of his face, with endoskeleton eyes he almost never has, and disables that camera for the rest of the night. He has the ability to punch a door after meeting one. If a door is punched three times, it breaks for the night.

In Five Knights at Freddy's, he spawns in the Swamp in a cabin-like structure. If watched once, he will peep his head out of his cabin door. If you flash your light on him enough times while he's in the cabin, he won't get out. If you don't, the lights in the room will shut off for two seconds, and Ogre Pluto will be gone, with the door being wide open. He will get to a certain camera every ten seconds. When he reaches your office, he will bang on the door for a bit, then will try punching your door down, which succeeds. When he finishes, he jumpscares you.


When Pluto enters your office, he'll punch you, and you'll be knocked down, facing the ceiling, and then static will show up. However, when you think it's all over (4 seconds of static), he'll scream in your face, with his face slightly tilted and pulsing. The screaming happens 20% of the time.