Role-Playing at Freddy's is a Five Nights at Freddy's RPG (role-playing game). In the game, you play as the animatronics while fighting enemies, gaining EXP points, leveling-up, gaining items, and other stereotypical RPG things. The highest level an animatronic can get to is Level 100. It got a sequel called Role-Playing at Freddy's 2.


The animatronics finally go get their long-awaited revenge on Purple Man. Starting with Freddy Fazbear, he must find Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, and Golden Freddy and they will join his party. They will meet Balloon Boy, who is the game's shop. He will give the animatronics items in turn of tokens, which are the currency of the game. Their destination is The Office and to get into it, they must destroy all of the cameras by fighting them, especially the ones in West Hall, W. Hall Corner, East Hall, and E. Hall Corner.

After getting in The Office, Balloon Boy appears then a vortex opens and Toy Bonnie appears, and he is the first boss in the game. After defeating Toy Bonnie in The Office, the animatronics look at the monitor and they are pulled into it and get teleported into the future in the Five Nights at Freddy's 2 pizzeria. Now, there are certain areas in the pizzeria where the animatronics can switch between realms, or in this case, pizzerias.

There is a sliding steel door at the front of The Office's hall, but Parts/Service is where they want to go. To get there, they must again destroy all the cameras.

They finally can get into Parts/Service and meet Purple Man, who is about to kill even more children. He teleports to The Office, now this is where the animatronics must go to fight Purple Man in a final battle. Before they can get out of Parts/Service, they must destroy the last camera. Destroying it opens the door to The Office. After getting to The Office, they confront Purple Man.

He turns the pizzeria into a googol-floor tall building. The animatronics fight him on the roof. After defeating Purple Man, a chunk of the top of the building exploded causing Purple Man to fall, with the whole building collapsing. The animatronics then fall. Fortunately, Balloon Boy appears holding a balloon big enough to hold seven animatronics in his hand. They then grab on and hold on to the balloon. Not only did Purple Man suffer an insanely large amount of pain form falling, but the rubble of the collapsing building falls on him which kills him. Due to Purple Man dying, the spirits of the five missing children are freed from the animatronic bodies and they go into the afterlife.



  • Freddy Fazbear (abbreviated F. Fazbear for dialogue)
  • Bonnie
  • Chica
  • Foxy
  • Golden Freddy (abbreviated G. Freddy for dialogue)


  • Balloon Boy (abbreviated BB for dialogue)
  • The Puppet


  • Alpha Party Hat
  • Beta Party Hat
  • Gamma Party Hat
  • Delta Party Hat
  • Chair
  • Balloon
  • Freddy Fazbear Doll
  • Bonnie Doll
  • Chica Doll
  • Foxy Doll
  • Golden Freddy Doll
  • Freddy Head
  • Bonnie Head
  • Chica Head
  • Omega Party Hat
  • Camera


  1. Toy Bonnie
  2. Toy Chica
  3. Mangle
  4. Toy Freddy
  5. Purple Man (final boss)
  • The Puppet (optional)
  • Chuck E. Cheese (secret boss)

Special Moves

Freddy Fazbear

Freddy Fazbear's attacks
Attack Description
Microphone Attacks enemies with microphone.
Super Screech Stronger than the basic Scream, so loud that it has a chance of paralyzing the enemy it is used on.
Power Out Makes it dark for enemies, increasing the chance that their attacks will miss.
Toreador March Causes an enemy to fall asleep.


Bonnie's attacks
Attack Description
Bunny Hop Bonnie will jump on all enemies and damage them.
Guitar Slam Smash enemies with guitar.
Thunder Sound Wave Play guitar and send sound waves to enemies.
Guitar 360 Spins guitar in a 360O and then throws it.


Chica's attacks
Attack Description
Flight Chica flies up and swoops down.
Chomp Bites an enemy, recovering any lost HP
Devour Instant kills a small enemy
Cupcake Candle Burn The candle on Chica's cupcake will burn an enemy, making them take damage over time. If used on a frozen enemy, they will loose 1/3 of their current HP.


Foxy's attacks
Attack Description
Bite Bites an enemy, has a chance of poisoning the enemy.
Sword Slash Foxy uses his pirate sword to slash enemies.
Pirate Ship A ship comes and runs enemy over.
Cannon Fires a cannonball.

Golden Freddy

Golden Freddy's attacks
Attack Description
Hallucinate Makes an enemy see hallucinations, causing them to take damage and a chance of sleep
Face Charge Golden Freddy's face rams into an enemy, causing them to freeze.
Money Mash For 7 turns, every time an animatronic uses the Scream attack on an enemy, they get 3 tokens. If they use a special attack, they get 8 tokens.
Crash Uses a ton of SP, does an extremely large amount of damage to the enemy it is used on


Item name Effect
Pizza Slice Restores 20 HP
Small Pizza Restores 40 HP
Medium Pizza Restores 100 HP
Large Pizza Restores 150 HP
XL Pizza Restores all HP
Small Drink Restores 20 SP
Medium Drink Restores 50 SP
Large Drink Restores 200 SP
XL Drink Restores all SP
HP Pineapple Increases an animatronic's HP by 5
SP Pineapple Increases an animatronic's SP by 5
Attack Pineapple Increases an animatronic's Attack by 5
Defense Pineapple Increases an animatronic's Defense by 5
Speed Pineapple Increases an animatronic's Speed by 5
HP Pineapple DX Increases an animatronic's HP by 15
SP Pineapple DX Increases an animatronic's SP by 15
Attack Pineapple DX Increases an animatronic's Attack by 15
Defense Pineapple DX Increases an animatronic's Defense by 15
Speed Pineapple DX Increases an animatronic's Speed by 15
Pepperoni Cures an animatronic from burning
Mushroom Cures an animatronic from freezing
Pepper Cures an animatronic from poison
Anchovy Cures an animatronic from paralysis
Olive Cures an animatronic from sleep
Tomato Cures an animatronic from any status effect
Cheddar Used during a battle, all animatronics' Attack will be increased for a certain amount of time
Swiss Used during a battle, all animatronics' Defense will be increased for a certain amount of time
Muenster Used during a battle, all animatronics' Speed will be increased for a certain amount of time
Veggie Pizza Revives a fallen animatronic with all HP
Cupcake Restores 80 HP to all animatronics
Cake Restores 200 HP to all animatronics
Supreme Pizza Restores all animatronics' full HP and SP
Endoskeleton Usable for 3 turns; when an enemy attacks you, they take damage


  • Foxy's Bite attack is an obvious reference that he is the most likely candidate for who was responsible for The Bite of '87.
  • The naked endoskeleton in Backstage was going to be a boss, but this idea was scrapped.
  • The DX Pineapples were originally going to increase an animatronic's stat by 20 instead of 15.
  • Chuck E. Cheese was a secret boss, and became the main villain of the sequel.

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