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Mr. Sae Tan
Vital statistics
Position Mechanic, Substitute Night Watch, Janitor
Age 23
Status Alive
"They're just animatronics..."
―Sae Tan

Sae Tan is a mechanic for the animatronics at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. He sometimes subs for the night watch, although he has never had any problems with the animatronics. Mr. Tan is also one of the janitors.


Mr. Tan is a middle eastern man, with black hair and brown eyes. He prefers to wear his mechanic jumpsuit and a matching cap.


Mr. Tan is a smart, happy, cheerful person. He appreciates the animatronics, and he helps repair and assemble them.


Mr. Tan lived a happy childhood. When he grew up, he was hired by his distant cousin, the owner of Fazbear Entertainment. Even though his cousin and him were in a three-way rivalry, which included another cousin named Frankie, they worked together well. He became the mechanic for the animatronics, and helped create many of them. 




Special Power

Obviously shown on the fact of which his name is based on, Sae Tan has an Aura of Ignorance. It causes people to lose their sense of major reasoning and rationality when they are around Mr. Tan, and anything relating to him. He has the Power of Perception, which allows him to see through any supernatural auras and powers.