"Here comes Sethy"
Seth is a fictional FNaF character made by himself Seth Reuben.  


Seth is a black stickman who is an animatronic. Seth is an all black stick figure who has some issues with the cams, due to him being disturbed by it. Seth kills nightguard who uses cameras. 


Seth has noticeably thin limbs as he is a stickman, he also has 2 white eyes and occasionally shows his white mouth. When angered, Seth's eyes and mouth will turn red.

In Five Nights at Seth's 2, Seth has ripped apart eyes and shows a blue glow on it instead of white.


Seth seems to have a very short temper, if something provokes him, he will somehow go on a rampage. Though nothing has made him do so, he shows that he is mad. Seth also isn't scared of being destroyed or left alone as shown in the ending of Fredbear's Family Diner.

Seth also spends his time alone in the dark while waiting for someone to approach him instead of roaming around, though would do so but try not getting in contact with any animatronics. 


  • Blueman- Blueman and Seth are best friends, before Phonetom was created, both of them would make fun of the night guard and probably kill them afterwards.
  • Phonetom- Phonetom is a new friend among the trio. Seth also treats them as his brothers.
  • The Head - Seth and The Head met when the first pizzeria was took down, and now both of them are working together.
  • Emy the Guardian Cat- Seth and Emy sometimes hangout, both of them eat pizza. They are actually good friends.
  • Phantom Bungale- Seth and Phantom Bungale hangout at the kitchen, sometimes both of them love to scare the nightguard.


  • Seth's original name was "Seth.exe" since stick figures are usually inside the computer which makes sense until he was made by an animatronic.
  • When Seth is mad, he gets a bit demonic.
    • Also the fact that his eyes and mouth turns red.
  • Seth has fast speed.
  • His voice glitches sometimes, when this happens his eyes and mouth will turn red.
  • Seth looks different in Five Hours at Seth's, since it was just a joke fangame instead of an official fangame.
  • For some reason, Seth and the Puppet are similar.
    • Due to them having the color black and having a thin body.
  • Seth isn't fully an animatronic, this is also supported by the fact that his mouth or his face will disappear sometimes (and can still see).