Terry the Tarantula, or as it is known by management, Slinky 2.0, is a tarantula animatronic that hunts down anyone it can find during the night.


Terry retains many of Slinky's base traits, such as its front legs being much bigger than the rest of his legs. Though, as Slinky was considered too scary for kids at the time, Terry was designed with Kid-friendliness in mind. Terry has rosy cheeks with its pincers being bigger, though without any sharp parts on them. Terry's eyes are a bit bigger, with there being only 4 now.


Terry's behavior is vastly different from its original counterpart. Terry will start off in a sub-area of the restaurant, the Covert Caves. From there, Terry slowly climbs up the walls and onto the ceiling. Terry has about 5 phases it takes for it to climb.

1st phase: On the ground, completely deactivated. 2nd phase: Has clung onto the cave walls. 3rd phase: Is about halfway up the cave; you'll hear a "Hiss" when this phase is achieved. 4th phase: Nearly to the top. 5th phase: At the top of the cave.

Once on the top of the cave, its pinchers seem to become more sharp and knife-like, and it than makes a mad dash towards the Office. Once Terry runs up to the Office (still on the ceiling), it will attempt to jump at you and snap with its sharp pinchers. You must quickly flash the light into its eyes. If successful, Terry falls and slides on the ground, proceeding to get up and run back to the Cave. Failure to do so will result in the screen blackening, and a "snap!" being heard. Terry will than jumpscare, sending you back to the title screen.