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Three Nights with Trash and the Gang is a joke page, which means it's not meant to be taken seriously at all. Joke pages are typically silly dumb ideas that'd never work or ideas that aren't meant to be taken seriously at all.

Three Nights with Trash and the Gang, or for short Three Nights with Trash, is a short and sweet Five Nights at Freddy's spinoff featuring Trash and the Gang (and two extra characters) from Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator.


Someone made a trashy pizzeria with trash animatronics but you want to make a quick buck so you end up going anyway.

What you don't know is that there was a horrible accident there before you came. A chef went insane and whacked everyone with a pan. This pan was cleaned and put on one of the animatronics.


Show Stage
Dining Area Dining Area Dining Area
Backstage Dining Area Dining Area Dining Area Bathrooms
Backstage Dining Area Dining Area Dining Area Bathrooms
Sanitary Dining Area Dining Area Dining Area Kitchen
Vent 1A Drawing Room Vent 2A
Vent 1B The Office Vent 2B


  • Show Stage - CAM 01
  • Dining Area - CAM 02
  • Backstage - CAM 03
  • Bathrooms - CAM 04
  • Drawing Room - CAM 05
  • Kitchen - CAM 06
  • Sanitary - CAM 07
  • Ventilation 1A - CAM A1
  • Ventilation 2A - CAM A2
  • Ventilation 1B - CAM A3
  • Ventilation 2B - CAM A4


  • The vent has sealable doors in the Office, like the doors in FNaF1.
    • If a door is closed, your oxygen metre will slowly deplete. If both are closed, it'll deplete faster. If the doors are open, the oxygen metre will slowly rise back up.
  • The Office has a big window showing the Drawing Room.
  • Drawing Room is a disabled camera.
  • On the Show Stage camera, you can play a Music Box to lure animatronics away from the vents. Otherwise, the animatronics will stay there and drain your oxygen. This only works if the door is closed and the animatronic is in the vent banging.


Image Name A.I.
BucketBob Bucket Bob Bucket Bob is active by Night 1, and starts on the Show Stage. Then he follows his consistent path of Dining Area (> Bathrooms or Kitchen) > Vent 2A > Vent 2B. You must use the 'Music Box' to lure him back to the Show Stage while he's in Vent 2B. Failure to close the door will result in a jumpscare. Bucket Bob progressively gets faster throughout the nights, and he makes noise 90% of the time when he moves.
MrCan-do Mr. Can-do Mr. Can-do is active by Night 1. He starts in the Drawing Room, where he goes into the Dining Area (> Backstage) > Vent 1A > Vent 1B. Like other animatronics, he must be lured back with the 'Music Box' which puts him in the Dining Area. Failure to close the door will result in a jumpscare. Mr. Can-do will slowly get faster throughout the nights. He also spends a lot of time in the Backstage.
MrHugs Mr. Hugs Mr. Hugs is an animatronic active by Night 2. He starts in the Sanitary, where he'll slowly make the noises of a vacuum. The noises will slowly get louder before he dashes into Vent 1A and then Vent 1B. That's your que to close the vent door. This'll stop him, and force him back into the Sanitary. Failure results in a jumpscare. The frequency of his mad-dashes slightly increase over the nights.
No1Crate No. 1 Crate No. 1 Crate starts his movements on Night 2. His starting position is unknown, but he always first appears in the Dining Area. Then he'll either go to the Sanitary, Kitchen, Vent 1A or Vent 2A. If he's in the Sanitray or Kitchen, soon he'll end up in Vent 1A and 2A respectively. If he's in Vent 1A or Vent 2A, he'll move onto Vent 1B or 2B respectively and you must close the door and lure him out. Failure will result in a jumpscare.
PanStan Pan Stan Pan Stan starts his movements on Night 3 (rarely Night 2). He starts on the Show Stage, where he'll go to the Dining Area (> Backstage or Kitchen) > Drawing Room > Vent 1A > Vent 1B. When he's in Vent 1B, you must shut the door quickly to avoid getting jumpscared. Then you must lure him back to the Show Stage with the Music Box. Pan Stan is pretty fast, so be weary. He doesn't spend much time in the Backstage or Kitchen either, merely as a distraction. In the Drawing Room, he'll stare at you.
RockstarFreddy Rockstar Freddy Rockstar Freddy is an extra animatronic starting on the extra Night 4. He suddenly appears in the Backstage where he'll eventually go to through the Dining Area (> Kitchen) > Drawing Room (peering through your window) > Vent 1A > Vent 1B. You must shut the vent door once Freddy enters Vent 1B or else he'll jumpscare you. Then lure him to the Dining Area with the audio.
MetalFreddyIcon Metal Freddy Metal Freddy is an extra animatronic starting on the extra Night 4. He suddenly appears in the Bathrooms. He will stare at you from the cameras, before appearing in Vent 2A. That's your que to close the door since he doesn't appear in Vent 2B, so he'll jumpscare you instantly. When he fails to get into the Office, he usually disappears for a bit. He can rarely appear in the window, staring at you. Staring back at him for too long will crash the game, and he'll disappear with a simple check of the cameras.


Night Animatronics Rewards Phone Call
Night 1

Bucket Bob, Mr. Can-do

$100 Hello! Welcome to your first shfit at Utility Eatery! This is a pre-recorded message by our Night Shift department. You are here to make sure everything is in check over night, and to make sure none of the animatronics are out of place. It's pretty common for animatronics to move when they're not intended, so it's your job to keep them in place. You can freely use the Music Box for the Show Stage to lure the animatronics back into their places. It echoes through the vents. The vents also have doors, but be weary as they'll drain your oxygen! Don't want to suffocate now, do we? Now, you should be set for the night. Check your cameras!
Night 2 Bucket Bob, Mr. Can-do, Mr. Hugs, No. 1 Crate, Pan Stan (rarely) $100 Welcome back for another night of fun! This is an automated message, and we don't have much to say. Keep up the good work, rookie!
Night 3

Bucket Bob, Mr. Can-do, Mr. Hugs, No. 1 Crate, Pan Stan

$300 and the first star. ...what are you doing here? This place has been shut down due to an incident! A lot of cooks died... by a pan. The animatronics are really unstable and we had to shut down instantly... You need to get out of there, but it's not safe to leave the Office... just try to survive, mmk?
Night 4 Bucket Bob, Mr. Can-do, Mr. Hugs, No. 1 Crate, Pan Stan, Rockstar Freddy, Metal Freddy $500 and the second star. N/A
Custom Night Depends on who you choose. Depends on the preset. N/A

Custom Night Presets

Name BucketBob MrCan-do MrHugs No1Crate PanStan RockstarFreddy MetalFreddyIcon Rewards
Supplies from the Closet 20 0 20 10 0 0 0 $100 + 1/5 of the third star.
Pizza Pizzera 0 20 0 20 20 10 0 $100 + 1/5 of the third star.
We are Number One 10 0 0 20 10 10 10 $100 + 1/5 of the third star.
Trash and the Gang 20 20 20 20 20 0 0 $500 + 1/5 of the third star.
Golden Freddy . 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 $1000 + 1/5 of the third star.

The Shop

Item Description Price
Bucket Mits Oven mits, Bucket Bob's famous gloves! $50
Mr. Hugs' Eyes Mr. Hugs' eyes! They even move! $50
Number One Hand You're number one! Don't let anyone let you down! -No. 1 Crate $50
Bucket Bob's Bucket Head The iconic bucket that displays the head of our mascot, Bucket Bob! $100
Mr. Can-do Balloon A balloon just like Mr. Can-do! An accurate portrayal of his handsome face! $100
Blue Crate It's a blue crate. $100
Pan Pan Stan's head! Ignore the stains of red paint. $150
Mr. Can-do Trash Can Mr. Can-do promotes recycling! Remember to trash your rubbish! $200
Stick Body Belongs to Bucket Bob or Pan Stan. $300
Freddy Plush A plush of Freddy Fazbear. Available after Night 3. $500
Bonnie Plush A plush of Bonnie. Available after Night 3. $500
Chica Plush A plush of Chica. Available after Night 3. $500
Foxy Plush A plush of Foxy the Pirate. Available after Night 3. $500
Fredbear Plush A plush of a forgotten character. Available after Night 4. $1000
Metal Freddy Plush A plush of Metal Freddy... who? Available after Night 4. $1000



  • Rockstar Freddy was included because FazbearFreak figured out what the game was about before it was released and got to choose an animatronic to be chosen.
  • It's speculated that an update or sequel is possible.

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