Toy Gamer Guy is Gamer Guy's Toy Remodel. He is friends with the other Toy Animatronics. He entertains the kids as well as the others.

Toy Gamer Guy

Changes in appearance

His appearance changes as well. Instead of overalls he now wears a suit and bowtie. He also plays an electric guitar with the band instead of just standing in the arcade. He also seems to have eye color now. His Wife is Wolfy 2.0. They are seen flirting onstage as well. He also has a difference in facial model. He also has a Walkaround Costume in which he goes around the restaurant and high fives the kids etc.


He is possessed by The Purple Man

This is a very popular theory. A lot of people think this because in game, he says "I am him". Many think this referss to Purple Guy.


Wolfy 2.0

Wolfy 2.0 is Toy Gamer Guy's wife. She usually gets angry at him. Resulting is beating him up

Gamer Elijah

Gamer Elijah is Toy Gamer Guy's son. They Play videogames together a lot and scares Elijah when he gets mad.


Amna is Gamer Elijah's crush. He respects her due to the fact that their location are close and she is his son's crush. They don't interact much except when he is being beat up by Wolfy 2.0.

Circus Freddy

Circus Freddy is one of Toy Gamer Guy's enemies. When he bullys Gamer Elijah he usually stands him up and tells him to "get his butt ugly fatface outta here".

Rock Star Bonnie

Toy Gamer Guy doesn't really like Rock Star Bonnie due to the fact that he bullies his son.

Prize Puppet

Toy Gamer Guy usually lectures Gamer Elijah about staying away from Prize Puppet. Using the words "Stupid" and "Hepitutumous" to describe him.

Pilot Balloon Boy

Toy Gamer Guy encourages Gamer Elijah to hang with him due to the fact that he is completely nice.