This aritice is about the 2.0 version of Spam. If you want the original version, see here
"Ich rieche Masken."
―Toy Spam the Puppet

Toy Spam is Spam's remodel. He wants everyone's masks, regardless if he has to pry it from their dead faces. He talks with a German accent, for an unknown reason. As an Or Pyx, he calls himself Totenmaske.


Toy Spam has a thin, black animatronic, with 10 gold stripes going down his body. He has a silver spring for a lower torso. His arms are thin and silver, with five orange stripes on each. He has a blue bowtie, and is wearing a mask. There are four fingers on each of his hands, each with a black stripe around it. He wears a headband, with tan-ish gray bunny ears. He has a red bow on the headband as well. When his mask is removed, he has a featureless face other than his red endoskeleton eyes.



Toy Spam doesn't talk to much people, instead he spends his time scheming to collect all masks. This makes it difficult for anyone to be friends with him.




They are friends, but they compete about their mask collecting way too often.



tbc If you are attacked by an animatronics because of Toy Spam stealing your mask, he will push the other animatronics out of the way and jumpscare you (if running away to hallway), or he will drop from the ceiling on the table and jumpscare you. (if on the ceiling)


Toy Spam will slowly creep to your office, preferring to surprise you, which makes him normally active. Toy Spam can steal your Freddy mask when you look at the monitors, and even if you are wearing it. If Toy Spam steals your mask, you are unable to use it, indicated by the x on the icon. If he steals it when your monitors are up, he'll run away in the hallway. If it is taken when you're wearing it, Toy Spam will spring up to the ceiling, hang on it, and wear your Freddy head. 

Games They Appear In



  • Totally not slightly feminine. 
  • Part-German-Animatronic.