"Sometimes I wonder why I do these things." -Me to myself, when making a page.

About me


I'm Bolt-Weed, a wikia contributor who made his home on the PVZ wiki, where I began. I stumbled across this place a few months later. But before we go there, let's talk about what happened before that. Three weeks into that, I met Randomz. We kept roleplaying there, but those days are gone over there.


When I stumbled across this place, I seriously freaked out. I knew at the time FNAF was popular enough to have a wiki for the canon, but for the fanon too surprised me. Soon after I found this place, I made Bungale. I like this place! From page to page and thread to thread, there's lots of things I can do. Make ideas? Check. Roleplaying? HELL YES.

My characters

All of these, plus Nowi, Fredbear 2.0 (Adopted from de Spy), and Zach Nova (Who is dead).

My games

Freddy Fortress

Five Nights of Bloodlust

Bots V.S Guards

Freddy Fun House

Five Nights at Yoshi's (JOKE)

Extreme Nights at Freddy's

Five Nights of Crossover, It's sequel, the third one and the fourth one(JOKES)

Five Nights at Bolt's,the sequel,the three-quel and the finale.(JOKES)

Crossover Fighters

Five Cr@ppy nights of Crossover (READ WITH CAUTION)

Five Nights at Bonnie's

Five Days Inside Out

Five Weeks with Zombies

Crossover Racing

Fazbear Wasteland

Ask stuff

Ask Bungale

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Ask Sheca

My signatures

The Future Snorkel Send a brain Read some stuff 18:44, February 20, 2015 (UTC) First

Bolt-Weed (Talk to me) (Contributions) (RIP ;-;) Current


All in Jesster

The Animatronic Academy series stories

My friends

MIB - Best roleplayin' buddy I have here! What could go wrong? :)

Seth - I love this guys pictures due to how well they are made. Give this man a raise!

D-BB - This guy is like, romance craaazy. But hey, as long as I can take it, I'll bet you he can. Awesome roleplayer too.

Ender - He's still as epic as usual. Awesome guy, very talented.

Fox - She's really nice. I just dunno why I like her so much. I guess the little things.

Maka - One of the best drawers I know on paper. Nicest girl I know, honestly.

Gao/Spy - A fellow user I find myself liking. He's random and plain, and I like it that way! :D

My FNAF game progress

Key: [X] = done [ ] = not done


Night 1 [X]

Night 2 [X]

Night 3 [X]

Night 4 [X]

Night 5 [ ]

Night 6 [ ]

20/20/20/20 [ ]


Night 1 [X]

Night 2 [X]

Night 3 [X]

Night 4 [X]

Night 5 [X]

Night 6 [ ]

10/20 mode [ ]


Night 1 [X]

Night 2 [X]

Night 3 [X]

Night 4 [X]

Night 5 [X]

Nightmare mode [ ]

Agressive Nightmare mode [ ]


Haven't played it yet.. -.-

FNAF World

Beaten the original game, not the hard mode. Ain't touched the Halloween stuff.

Sister Location


Pizzeria Simulator


Ultimate Custom Night

Too scared to do it.

Personal opinions

  • I see Toy Bonnie as a girl. Yes, that's right.
  • I am a suppporter of Freddy X Mangle. I ship it. :3
  • My favourite canon animatronic is Mangle because of all the mysteries she makes with the radio noise. Just how I like it, someone who "plays hard-to-discover".
  • I HATE the Puppet and I HATE Springtrap! Not for what they do, what they are! :(
  • I personally like roleplaying as female characters more than male characters, despite I have more boys than girls.

Well, you see, I don't have much else to talk about. BUT. I have recently been drawing an awful lot, and have quite a few "masterpieces" in the ideas I make! Well notable ones? The FNOC series I have, and Freddy Fortress. I'm happy to be here.

A few facts about me

1. My birthday is on the 21st of September, born in 2001.

2. The FNAF series is the only horror that has actually scared me so far.

3. When I make new OCs, I use something as inspiration as I think of what they would look like and act like.

4. I'm the only lad in my whole real life family.

5. I'm the biggest out of my real life family, despite not being the oldest. (I'm 14, compared to my big sis who's 16/17.)

6. I have 3 pets, used to have 5.

7. My first gaming console was the PS2, and my first game was Crash Bandicoot: The wrath of Cortex. (I hate the levels in this..)

8. The first game I've ever beaten is Rathet and Clank: Size Matters.

9. I have actually beaten one game within a whole hour. (Kirby Squeak Squad)

Coming soon!

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