Hi, I'm Demonic BB! You may remember me as Guillotine Dan or Guillo D! I'm one of the admins for this Wiki, so drop a question if you need to ask me anything.

All About Me

I joined the FNAF Fanon Wiki on March 20 2015 and started roleplaying and making pages occasionally. After a while, I was promoted to Admin and Bureaucrat, surprisingly. I even had a small era of being the owner of the wiki, but that was short-lived.

Apart from that, I'm your everyday gamer with a knack for creativity. I'm also responsible for making the official Fanon Game Infobox!

My Game Pages

This is a list of all my games.

D-BB Era

  • Five Nights at Xavier's
  • Five Nights at Xavier's 2
  • Pizzeria Creator App
  • Ten Nights at Jaclyn's
  • Ten Nights at Jaclyn's 2

DerpDev Era

  • Ten Nights at Jaclyn's 3 (NOT RELEASED YET)
  • Five Nights With Little Miss No-Name (NOT RELEASED YET)

Medal of Appreciation


Despite all the controvorsies, and despite the Wiki declining, you are still here.

Keep up the good work. South Ferry (Talk) (Contrib) 00:28, May 4, 2017 (UTC)

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