Hello there! My name's VentureSonic, or Venture for short, or you might know me as Tonic ze Hedgefox! I'm one of the admins of the Five Nights at Freddy's Fanon Wiki, and responsible for the recent themes and Discord chat.

Name Origin

My former name, Tonic ze Hedgefox, developed over a few years. Tonic simply means Tails + Sonic (my favourite characters at the time) and Hedgefox just means Hedgehog + Fox. Ze happened during my "le derp XD" phase where doing a lot of slang was pretty much cool. You might be wondering why the name change. While after watching my friends slowly get new names, straying away from their "cringy" recolours, I decided to do the same.

The new name, 'VentureSonic', came from my love of the Sonic Adventure games, specifically Sonic Adventure 2. 'Venture' seems to have stuck.


Some of my more notable pages.

  • The Expanded Canon (VentureSonic) - My expanded canon. Most of my games fall into here so, yo!
  • The One Night of Everything trilogy (ONoE, ONoE2, ONoEW) - I am not proud of these pages in the slightest but god DAMN are they huge. I'm glad you all put some time and effort into including animatronics into these trashy games as one community effort.
  • One Night of Everything: Ultimate Custom Night - The ultimate Custom Night of the ONoE series. I put a lot of effort into the base page and so far everyone else is doing great! If I had to leave my page-making career, this is how it'd end.
  • Fredbear Legacy: Fazbear Amusement - The first of the Fredbear Legacy series. This series was sadly cancelled so this page is all that remains (you can envision the next game as the spiritual successor). Probably one of my better pages on this wiki with original ideas. Doesn't work too well with my current view on the FNaF Canon.
  • Five Nights at Freddy's: Factory Shift - One of my best pages. Unique concepts and a good story for once. Packed with content that actually makes a Five Nights at Freddy's game an actual game for once. Might get a sequel if I feel like it.
  • Three Nights with Trash and the Gang - My basic joke page that I'm kind of proud of. Very simplistic yet works very well. You might see a sequel to this, or see Trash and the Gang somewhere else along the line. Somehow fits into the canon but has no plot relevance.
  • My answer to FNaF World? Freddy Fazbear: Pizza Battle is what I was hoping FNaF World would be, but it didn't end up being that way. Has some extra story elements to include itself into the Extended Canon and acts as a subsitute sequel to Factory Shift.
  • Alton Astor - Basic character that noone cares about really, but I managed to intertwine him into the Extended Canon because I didn't want to leave him behind.
  • Metal Freddy - My joke page about Metal Freddy, a rip off of Metal Mario and based off of the grey shadowy Freddy from FFPS. A reoccurring character now, mwahaha. It also spawned a hip copypasta (check the comments).
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