Well, as most of you (or some) have followed my walk on this wiki, I was always active when I could, I always tried to update you and my pages and I always tried to socialize with some people here on this page too. Anyway, I'm here today to explain why I disappeared out of nowhere and I will keep you updated on what will happen after this post.

Well, I just disappeared because I moved from the state I lived in, I'm living in another state now. I'm also very focused on studies, both in high school and in the course, it's been very busy for me, I'm not having time for anything lately, forgive me.

Anyway, what will just happen after this post is, I'm going to stay a while without posting anything and without completing what I started, I really apologize for not being able to finish my pages that I started, however, when I unburden myself of all of this, i promise i will finish the pages i started (and update some too). Thanks to everyone I met and everyone who liked (or disliked) my characters. Have a great week and goodbye.

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