• Seth Reuben

    Sister Location

    May 21, 2016 by Seth Reuben

    Just wanna let you guys know (you probably know by now) but Sister Location Trailer 1 is out!

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  • Seth Reuben

    TNaP game progress

    November 24, 2015 by Seth Reuben

    Hey guys Seth here, well let's make it short. Basically I'm gonna post all my game progressing of Three Nights at Phonetom's. I guess some of you guys saw the short gameplay gifs. Also besides that I'm accepting art requests as well!

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  • Seth Reuben


    August 30, 2015 by Seth Reuben

    Hey everyone, Seth here so I'll be doing um the rooms of my game, uh I feel not so lazy since I never do the rooms unless if it's a real game that I intend to make so yeah hope you guys enjoy it :D

    Mah gosh that took 2 days for me to draw all the rooms, finally I'm done :D

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  • Seth Reuben

    I dunno

    May 29, 2015 by Seth Reuben

    Guys seth, here and um I don't know what's happening. If I try and reply a comment, it says "Data base locked $1"...

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  • Seth Reuben

    Hey guys just to make a quick note, I am making a new 3D FNaF game! I already have the  models! Teddy So if you wanna add your character leave a comment! And I will post there 3D models and the game!

    > means accepted

    < means unaccepted

    / means pending

    • Teddy >
    • Aron the armadillo >
    • Lindsay >
    • Chef /
    • Holly >
    • Amy the oxoloti >
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