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    I'm back from years...

    September 15, 2015 by ThePaupepa

    ATTENTION PLEASE:This is an old blog from the 2015 year. An old blog that i writed when i was an UNDERAGE, yes, an UNDERAGE with a behavior and talk of a teenager. Sorry if you don't understand this entry. Thanks for reading. P.S.:I leaved the wiki when i finished to write this 'cause this wiki erased one of my old important OCs. Whatever, if you want to still read this,it's ok,just don't say that i warn you.-TheSpringtrapGamer/ThePaupepa

    Hello! I'm here with new animatronics,well,first i have a Blank (from Five Nights at Candy's) hybrid toy.

    What that does mean? - Thats you ask.

    I mean is a Mangle-Blank Hybrid,i called it Blank 2.0 or Blangle for short. 

    Quick look to Blangle:


    Now let's see Old Blank.

    You know that Old Blank is a hybrid between O…

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  • ThePaupepa

    Hey,i know you want killscreen and other things but i can't because the number of articles are aprox. 120-138

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