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  • My occupation is A creative thinker and Writer and Drawer
  • I am Emerald Guy
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    May 23, 2015 by Theminecraftkid1221

    Hey Guys, Sorry I havent been active here lately. I've been grounded for quite some time now, and I hope you can forgive me for being away without you knowing why. I hope all my stuff on here has remained, Gamer Guy would like to say something now, and here he is;

    Gamer Guy: Thank You, Thank You, First I wanna say, YES YES WE LEFT, but FIRST think about THIS!!, E-mail, TV, Videogames, Burritos, this all makes our society as advanced as it is today. So I want you to think about this; Who's the REAL victim here, ME or THE PEOPLE OF THIS CORRUPT SOCIETY!!!

    Me: Uh, dude, we're not in trouble.


    Me: Um ok I think we...

    Gamer Guy: Um, If you all are still out there, …

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  • Theminecraftkid1221


    April 18, 2015 by Theminecraftkid1221
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  • Theminecraftkid1221

    A new Wiki

    March 11, 2015 by Theminecraftkid1221

    I've made a new wiki for those who want to make animatronics but away from the "horror" area. Just Click here to go to the wiki. The wiki is "ShowBiz Pizza Fanon Wiki".

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  • Theminecraftkid1221

    My animatronic making company (fanon) is now making new shows. Just request and I will draw your requested show. If your show alredy exists, I cant make it.

    • Flora the Ferret's FunTime Newscast (still working on it)
    • The Cool Critters Review

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  • Theminecraftkid1221
    • Ring Ring Ring*
    • Phone Pickup*

    Uhh, hello? oh Hello! Um, welcome to , I'm sure you'll find your experience here will be very enjoyable. I'm here to give you some pointers here on your first night. I already recieved your call sent a few hours ago. Umm, our mascot is an animatronic called Gamer Guy, he's programmed to interact with children and make their experience here enjoyable and memorable! He shouldn't cause you any trouble since his programming prevents him from hurting any human being. I should know, I designed him myself. He's also programmed with over 85 animatronic functions to give away the illusion that he is a real person! Well that's all I wanted to tell you. If you have any questions, Check out the Rules or consult me, or an ad…

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