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Wasted Hours Battling Memes is a joke page, which means it's not meant to be taken seriously at all. Joke pages are typically silly dumb ideas that'd never work or ideas that aren't meant to be taken seriously at all.

Wasted Hours Battling Memes it's a fangame created by the user LincolnDisaster19, the game revolves around the pathetic memes of 2018 like Uganda Knucles or Logan Paul. The game was created on the 22 of May 2018, it's considered the biggest piece of sh*it that has uploaded to any website ever.


Doggo it's a little Shiba Inu that wants love, while he was watching Pewdepie he was killed by Osama Bin Laden and transported to the limbo, when he had to deal with stupid memes with only three USB and a computer filled with porn. Will Doggo survive and return to his house to try to swim above a bathtub, discover it in the next episode of Dragon Boll Super!.


The gameplay works similar to Five Nights at Freddy's 2, we have to following tools to defend ourself agaisn't the bad memes:

The Computer.

Serves as the Camera System, there we watch videos, that serves as cameras, the videos are the starting locations of the memes.


There are three of them, one at the left, one at the right and the other one it's in front of us, this pen-drives are the key object for the memes to get us, usually, when the meme (at the computer) had arrived the USB port, the memes will appear in front of us, to make him go. Just double click on the USB and the meme will leave.


Clorox serves as a thing to protect us, we have 5 liters of Clorox, sometimes, memes will peek at the door. To make them go, throw them clorox, they will run and leave the room.


Uganda Knucles
"Do you know da wae?", this stupid, f**cking irritable piece of s*hit wants his moment in the spotlight! The most famous meme of 2018 comes to real life to annoy the player to death. Will you be able enough to survive this douch**ag?. He can attack by any of the left or right USB. Be careful with this guy!
Uganda Sonic
Blue Knuckles
"Why are you running!?". Welp, a recolour, how does it make you feel? You already wanna die right? Anyway, this piece of blue urine it's exactly like his counterpart, but he appears at the front USB.
The House is on fire.exe
"Hope you're ready for an unforgettable luncheon!". Oh god, it's this a promo for Six Nights at Skinner's?. Wait, yeah, it is, the creator of this abobinable monster that people call "page" it's one of the creator of SNaS, so... Anyway, he and his evil, evil, EVIL Steamed Hams will approache from the door, so ye know what to do.
Tide Pod
Well, the guy just. Sits in you're desk, when a red signal with a snack appears on screen, just type. DON'T EAT. And he will just go. Yeah, pretty easy.
Logan Paul
"¿Guys, I don't want to say this, but I think im seeing a hanging body" Oh god, oh god OH F****KING GOD, KILL ME ALREADY. The thing it's that. It's just, oh neptune, save me. This motherfrasker will usually appear at every, EVERY USB and the door, very difficult to deal with this thing.


Night One.

Every character it's active this night, it's the first night of the game. After beating it, we got a Minigame.


A text in 16-bits appears:

Oh yes, welcome to Earth again, little doggo, you're free to do splish splash in you're loved Bathub, will make shure that Osama Bin Laden pay for his sins. Goodbye.

Custom Night.

Really necessary to explain?


SONIC SPEED Screaming of Hell Risking the Recolour Don't Die The Chosen Ones The True Promo I Want to Die
Uganda Knucles 20 15 0 0 20 0 20
Uganda Sonic 20 10 20 0 5 0 20
The House is on fire.exe 20 0 20 20 20 (this times, he makes himself the 5 characters in the game, so you have to deal with 5 Skinners) 20
Tied Pod 3 0 20 20 0 20
Logan Paul 10 0 20 15 0 20
Prize: A Sanic drawing A Bart Simpson megaphone meme photo, Coldsteel the Hegdehog's Funko Figure A Mediquin of First Aids Cheese A screenshot ofSix Night at Skinner. A real life figure of Filthy Frank


  • Doggo's fiine now, he's swimming in Golden Club Cavanas.
  • Osama Bin Laden's death
  • There's (probably) gonna be a sequel that's gonna be setted up in the real hotel, Golden Club Cavanas. Spicy.
  • This is a promo for SNaS
  • This game doesn't deserve the existence