Wesley the Wolf is an animatronic grey wolf created by Nyro Fletcher. While he was initially created without any serious intentions, he has now appeared in a couple fangames and one of many versions of the comic Lippies.


Wesley is an animatronic styled to resemble a grey wolf. He wears a red tie, and his irises are golden-yellow in colour. Wesley's tail has a large rip through the middle separating the material in two, and he has a rip on his right leg and left arm.

Five Nights at Worst Chicken


Wesley's starting location in Five Nights at Worst Chicken is the storage room, where he can be seen sitting down against the wall. When he becomes active, he will stand up in the room. He will then move to the hallway, where he can not be seen on any of the cameras. The player will need to flash their light down the hall enough times until he returns to the storage room.


Wesley s new jumpscare by skatermink9-d8p3ray

Wesley's jumpscare in FNaWC.

Wesley does not become active until night 2, which is mentioned by the phone guy. Wesley's movements are very similar to Cuddles as that he has two different positions in his starting location until he is in the hallway, right before attacking the player by jumping through the air (similar to Foxy in Five Nights at Freddy's 2). Wesley is described to become disoriented by the flashlight, which should be flashed at him rapidly until he disappears from the hallway.


The sound Wesley makes upon attacking the player. He is the only animatronic to emit this sound. (WARNING: LOUD!)
Xscream3 louder


"Here's a delectable lil' gift for the young'un!" - when Wesley gives Tito his toy in Lippies V.6.



  • Wesley is the first animatronic character created by Nyro.
  • Wesley is the only animatronic in Five Nights at Worst Chicken that is not based off an existing character from Nyro's Worst Chicken series, excluding Time.