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Zach Nova (or just simply Zach) is a night guard with a different profession compared to others. It's unknown when and where he appears.


Zach was a humble boy with his own small 'group' of ideas. At the age of 8, he became HUGE fan of Freddy, but this changed later. At the age of 15, he was stuffed into a Balloon Boy suit, but gets out 3 days later, and developed his anger and hatred to the animatronics. After taking his test run in Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, he became a snorkeler, AND a night guard, which still relates multi-tasking.


Zach's appearance and profession, which was mentioned earlier, has solidly mixed his appearance. He wears an orange and yellow jacket with a black hood, red gloves and on some occasions, a snorkel mask which is pure green with blue sides.


"You are a simple brick dropped down the tide! And I will NOT pick you up!" Zach relating the animatronics to a water toy.

"Do you realize who we all are? People! You're just stuck in those suits!" Zach telling the truth to the animatronic's past and creation.

"Why did Freddy cross the stage? To get to the other duplicate!" Zach while checking the Show Stage camera on his test run.


In Five Nights of Bloodlust, he was killed very early in the game. He was ganged up on by Jesster, Guaco and Tyle. In the end, Bungale bit the final bite. Ever since, he has been stuffed into Hydro's suit.